Treat depression right away

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Jul 2018 10:57:20


Q. I am a student of Government Medical College pursuing MBBS, second year. I am 20 years old and ambitious about making money. I don't want to practice medicine, but want to pursue MBA from a prestigious college. Shall I go with the flow or go with my ambition?

Ans. Your ambition gives you your flow. There is no other flow in life. If you mean you should go along with post graduation in medical science then too you have to assess your interest areas and your motivations to practice medicine. Since you are clear that practicing medicine has no interest for you, you will have to divert from it and take something of your choice. You could also do hospital administration in MBA or you could opt for the general specialisations offered by MBA. Think very seriously about it and make a long term plan of what and how you want to reach that goal. Making money can be done in all professions, even in medicine if you want or else in so many other ways. If you are not clear a session of counselling and guidance will help. AS

Q. I coincidentally met a guy on FB we started talking with each other and even met quite a few times. A few days ago, we broke up and he hooked up with another girl. Now his friend has started talking to me and my ex has told me that my friend is not a good guy. But I love him and I can’t say no to him. He again started talking to me. What should I do?

Ans. I am confused as who is talking to whom and who has broken up with whom! If you are talking to two guys at the same time please watch out for some drama at some point of time. The boys may clash with each other over you and blame you for the mess! You should do what your instinct tells you to do. If you don't trust someone listen to your intuition and keep a safe distance. If you like someone and trust him then go along with him. Listen carefully to your heart and it generally speaks the truth. Look out for warning signs too and make a careful note of them. Getting swayed under emotion can be a dangerous proposition. Be careful of your life and mind. D S

Q. I am not getting sleep now a days and I have lost my confidence. My friends tease me a lot and laugh at me. I cannot answer back and feel angry and irritated. My parents also taunt me and don't understand me. I want to do well in life and become a successful person, but I have lost interest in everything. I mostly feel tired. Please help me.

Ans. These are symptoms of depression that creeps in slowly without your knowledge. It is good that you are becoming aware of your mental status and reaching out for help. The causes for depression are many and we need to identify those causes or sources of depression. Either you have undergone some traumatic events in the recent past or many small little irritants have piled up into a big heap and have blown up into a big malady. Let me assure you that a large percentage of depression cases can be treated with counselling and psychotherapy alone and do not need medicines. Almost 85% of depression can be treated with psychological counselling and only a small percentage need to take medicine. The best thing to do is to undergo a psychological assessment from a psychologist and then let them decide and refer to a psychiatrist if necessary. Depression impacts the mind, the mood, the concentration in studies, lowering of interest in general matters of life, such as social relations, loss of sleep and appetite and of course hence loss of confidence. There are more symptoms and vary from person to person. It is nice to know that you are a good person with keen interest in doing well in life and becoming an achiever. Keep up that spirit of well being and motivation of a big aim. All this is possible if you treat depression that is clouding your mind and moods. I wish you all the best and do not delay the therapy.











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