Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Jul 2018 12:27:06

WHILE implementing reforms suggested by a committee headed by Lt Gen (Retd) DB Shekatkar in the Indian Army last year, the Central Government had put a big thrust on upgradation of technology and weapons. However, precious little has been done on the ‘fifth front of war’ -- cyber warfare -- as Lt. Gen (Retd) DS Hooda has pointed out. India’s vulnerability to cyber attacks can be realised with the third rank it occupies in terms of facing the threat of cyber warfare. The country is as good as a sitting duck for forces that are increasingly tilting towards the digital batttlefield. India’s neighbour China has already jumped on the digital bandwagon. In contrast, India is surprisingly shying away from this strategic aspect and delaying setting up of an integrated cyber command. The threat needs immediate attention and a flatter decision-making by the Government. It is a challenge that the DRDO and R&D wing must tackle quickly to safeguard key infrastructure, economic insitutions and missile programmes in the country.


THE recommendation by Chief Minister of Punjab Mr. Amarinder Singh to the Central Government to make legal provision of death penalty for drug traffickers, shows how serious the problem is in Punjab. In Kashmir also the problem has a terrorist dimension to it as drug money is used for nurturing terrorism there. The blame for drug becoming a problem in Punjab squarely rests with the separatist Khalistan movement. Protagonists of the Khalistan movement used drugs as an attraction for the youths, particularly those who were troubled by poverty, unemployment. While the Government has been able to decimate the separatist Khalistan movement, its off-shoot, the drug menace is left behind to haunt the youth, the society and the State Government. After 16 months in office, Chief Minister Mr. Amarinder Singh finds it difficult to contain the scourge as he helplessly watches the surge of deaths due to over-use or adulterated drugs by the people. It is because of this that he seeks death penalty for the drug traffickers for pushing youths into hell.