Passengers share space with dogs at Kareli station’s waiting hall

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Jul 2018 10:21:58



Our Correspondent 


Spending time in the waiting hall at Kareli railway station could prove dangerous to passengers due to gross apathy of the station management. Apparently the passenger waiting room is simultaneously used by dogs who also sleep by the side of passengers. The presence of stray dogs in the waiting hall has made passengers vulnerable to animal-borne communicable disease on which the station administration prefers to maintain a nelson’s eye.According to information, apathy of station administration at Kareli station has put passengers’ health and safety at risk. Besides the stray dogs who are hostile have also attacked several passengers while they wait inside the waiting hall of the Kareli station. Repeated complaints have failed to draw attention of the station management.

According to information, the mismanagement of affairs at Kareli station has been criticised among people belonging to various sections of society. Resting in waiting hall of the station can prove to be harmful for passengers. After dusk the waiting hall is occupied by stray dogs to sleep overnight. The waiting room attendant has been charged of apathy to keep the stray dogs away from the waiting hall. The waiting remains open even when there is no inflow of passengers at the railway station.Apart from stray dog menace in the waiting hall, the station lags behind as far as cleanliness is concerned. The sanitation staffers hardly take time to clean the garbage left out by passengers at various places. The eatables left over by the passengers attract the dogs and other animals who do the cleaning work by eating the food. With the start of rainy season, the station campus, specially the platform area, the uncollected garbage by the sanitation staffers has added much to the trouble to passengers.