What makes a good teacher

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Jul 2018 10:26:43


When we look back over our schooling days, what do we most remember about those days? The lessons? The breaks? The books? No, we remember those amazing people who were our teachers. It is them that we remember and cherish the most. After all aren’t they the one who made us who we are today.

What is it that makes some teachers stand out in our memories like a glowing siren, while others are unable to make an impression of any kind? A good classroom teacher leaves an indelible mark in the hearts of students. What makes teachers successful includes everything from their ability to plan and manage both the classroom and curriculum, to their day-to-day attitude and approach towards students and the profession as well.

A good teacher can be defined as one who is able to help boost students’ marks and personal achievements despite various challenges they face on a day-to-day-basis.
Teachers can reach students, regardless of their social circumstances, on an educational and personal level, challenging them to become better learners.

One of the most important traits these teachers have is the unrelenting urge to develop an interesting learning experience for the students while keeping in mind that they still need to learn. Keeping the long term goal in mind, they plan individual lessons, classroom activities and challenging games to make the student learn the nuances of learning while keeping his attention hooked.

When something doesn’t work their way, they revise and improve their approach. If a student encounters personal issues such as bad behavioural habits, family problems, a bad atmosphere, then it may hamper their ability to learn in any way. The teacher then uses a more innovative or personal method to reach him on other levels. Teachers might help modify classroom behaviour to that particular student -- make that student feel more welcome among their peers. If the student is shy and tends to be in a shell, teachers might include parents and family members in the process of getting through to the student, and perhaps most importantly, find ways to connect with the student on a personal level, inspiring respect and motivation which are essential to successful learning.

Establishing this connection with the students can be the most valuable accomplishment of a good teacher. Whether it is learning more about the students themselves – their interests, talents, concerns – or revealing elements of their own personal life, the teacher can create a close-knit atmosphere in the classroom. It might be as simple as displaying photos of one’s family or pets, or sharing humorous stories about something that happened over the weekend, but it makes a significant impact.

When students feel comfortable with their instructor, learning occurs more naturally. A teacher who is kind and understanding, and a sincere listener, inspires mutual respect that motivates students to try harder, participate more and feel at ease expressing when they need help. This can allow the teacher to get through to students who might otherwise close themselves off. By learning about the students as individuals, the teacher discovers how to inspire and teach them in a way that is unique to their particular needs.

Knowing the students well and establishing this sense of mutual respect in the classroom creates a positive atmosphere for the teacher himself to work in each day. He is able to bring more energy and enthusiasm in the class and the students also detect this and reciprocate by being much more welcoming of the teacher and his teaching style and attitude. While maintaining an organized, well understood and welcoming aura in the class, the teacher is also able to keep his expectations of the students reasonable and comfortable.

A tough lesson might be brightened by a simple joke from the teacher. Being able to laugh together and find the humour in day-to-day situations allows the teacher and the students to further establish their bond and enjoy the time they spend together. When students look forward to entering the doors of the classroom, their minds are more open to learning, and their hearts are more easily influenced. The results are advanced understanding of the subjects as well as improved attitudes and overall character development.

What makes a good teacher goes beyond a simple list of traits. To be the type of teacher that is remembered for years to come, one must combine a good and effective teaching style with a unique ability to truly connect with the students. A good teacher knows how to balance between being an authorative figure, yet be approachable enough by the students. He should be able to make the students feel comfortable enough to be free and open in the class, while being able to issue discipline in a fair and strict manner. A good teacher is relentless, yet patient in his goal to make learning not only effective but fun. By reaching both their minds and their hearts, this type of teacher can impact students’ entire lives in an unfathomable number of ways.


Khushboo Moharkar
BBA 2nd Year,
GH Raisoni College of Commerce
and Science