Woman, accomplices extort Rs 10 lakh from physically challenged man

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Jul 2018 11:51:17



Staff Reporter


A case of criminal conspiracy and extortion cracked by Raipur police has revealed that a married woman first gained sympathy of a physically challenged 50-year-old man and after taking a photograph with him using mobile phone in her house, threatened him of implicating in false case and continued to extort Rs 10 lakhs from him with the support of her accomplices. The accused woman identified as Baby Sharma, 28 years and her accomplice Jaikishan Bagh, 30, both residents of Balangir and Kalahandi districts of Odisha, have been arrested by the police. The complainant man Mohan Lal Jain, 50, resident of Odisha, had maintained in his complaint to Gole Bazaar police, Raipur, that being associated with Satya Sai Samity, he used to come to Raipur with its Balangir samity. In 2016, when he met the woman at Balangir, Odisha, she told him that her husband tortured and left her, and that she has two children and facing difficulty to run the household.
The woman told that she knew about beauty parlour job and on seeking financial help, the complainant gave her Rs 20,000. The man continued to her financially and on one day when he went to Balangir, the woman called him in his house. While he was coming out of the house, the woman forcefully embraced him and managed to take a photograph with her mobile phone. The man set himself free and returned back to his house.

After 3-4 days, the woman called the complainant and threatened him that he did wrongful act with her so he needed to give as much money as she would demand. The woman asked him to accompany her to Raipur for marketing on last May 18.The complainant while coming with the woman by train noticed two other boys with her, who as per their plan shifted to other bogie. Due to delay in marketing at Raipur, the complainant and the woman stayed at a lodge near Ravi Bhawan. At about 1.30 am, the woman as per plan called those two boys in the room and after closing the door, threatened the complaint that he came to enjoy, he would be killed, taken to Paradeep and put under ground. They demanded Rs 40 lakhs from the complainant and after checking his bag, trousers and shirt, took Rs 3800 and ATM card that was in the name of
Baby Shikha.

On May 19, the complainant borrowed Rs 2 lakhs from a local businessman and gave the money to the woman and her two accomplices. Even then they threatened him of murder and pressurized for more money. The complainant told them that his nephew was at Titlagarh from whom he would take money and give to them after some days. The woman and accomplice did not believe the victim and forcefully took him in four-wheeler towards Sindhikela. The two accomplices while taking called each other as Jaikishan and Basant Sahu. After reaching Sindhikela, the complainant borrowed Rs 7 lakhs from a known person and gave the money to Jaikishan Bagh.

After taking the money, they left the complainant and while he asked about the ATM card, they said to have withdrawn Rs 40,000 and after taking remaining Rs 60,000, would throw it away. On last June 16, the woman called the complainant over mobile and demanded Rs 30 lakhs or fortune vehicle else they would kidnap him with his family. They gave life threat to the complainant by doing SMS. After investigation of the complaint, police found that the accused woman Baby Sharma, Jaikishan Bagh and Basant Sahu guilty. Police has recovered gold, silver ornaments, two mobile phones, a motorcycle and cash.