Displaced adivasis struggling for land rights

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Jul 2018 11:51:12



Our Correspondent


Since decades the Adivasis have borne the brunt of development-induced displacement. The State laws have proved no beneficial for them and they continue to remain exploited.A similar case has come to light from village Borgaon, from where the tribal were fighting for their lands from last 20 years but still they have not received forest land right from state government.According to information, the tribal residing in the village had encroach the land nearly 20 years back and since then they were living on it and farming for their livelihood.

Despite of the law which says that the tribal encroaching any land piece for long periods, gives them the right to own the land, the tribal had not received the forest land rights from the Forest Department. The villagers have been demanding it from long period but the Forest Department is paying no heed towards the insecurity of the villagers. One of the villagers Chugan Lal said that when they encroached the land was barren and no trees were planted on it. They with their efforts planted trees, made land fertile and then started farming. He said,“we destroyed no trees instead we formed a Van Sureksha Samiti and worked for the protection of land but the Forest Department instead of providing us our rights are forcing us to vacate the land.”

Villager Dumru said that the Forest officials have seized their equipments of farming and destroyed their field by running JCB over it.The villagers when sought help from District Panchayat Vice President Ravi Ghosh, he assured that he will try to help them in every possible manner. Ravi Ghosh also added that he is not in the favour of encroaching forest land but the villagers are poor and their livelihood is totally dependent on the piece of the land they are in possession of. He further lashed out at the government for being negligent towards the pathetic condition of tribal in the state. Speaking to ‘The Hitavada’, Ranger AG Agrey said that it is government the right of the government to distribute Forest land Rights to the villagers and till date the Forest Department officials have received no orders in this regard from the government.