Students risk life to cross overflowing bridge

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Jul 2018 11:29:42



Our Correspondent


As many as 160 students from seven villagers risk their life during monsoon as the Kanhaiya canal over flows and the bridge constructed over it proves to be of no benefit to the students. According to information received, the students cross the bridge over the Kanhaiya River to attend school but in monsoon, the students face difficulty in crossing the river as the water overflows the bridge. Due to the low level of construction of the bridge, the canal starts flowing over the bridge and the students have to cross the bridge risking their life.

One of the students Dokendra Dhruv said that because of the absence of a proper bridge over the canal, students from nearly seven villages had to struggle to attend the school.
Villager Rakesh said that during monsoon, when the water level of the canal rises, the villagers are not able to cross the bridges and his village gets disconnected from other parts. He also added that the villagers have been demanding for bigger and broader bridge but till date no action has been taken from the respective department.

Congress leader Tukaram Chandravanshi said that at times when the level of water increases and it turns dangerous for the children to cross the bridge, they had to stay back in the school for one night waiting for the situation to get normal. Hundreds of villagers from nearly 12 villages have been demanding for the construction of the bridge but till date no action has been taken.Speaking to The Hitavada, Parliamentary Secretary Motiram Chandravanshi said that on the demand of the villagers, the mater was kept in-front of the Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh. After going through the problems, he had sanctioned funds for the construction of bridge. Rural Engineering Department has held bhoomipujan
and the construction of bridge
will soon start.