Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Jul 2018 12:29:34

A PRS legislative research says, the last Parliament session conducted in April was the least productive budget session since year 2000. The Lok Sabha spent just one per cent of allotted time on legislative business as the Opposition parties, led by Congress, resorted to a cycle of interruptions thus wasting an entire session without business. It was a travesty of democracy where our elected representatives went on demolishing the sanctity of the Parliament. In the wake of those unsavory developments that tarnished the image of representative democracy, Lok Sabha Speaker Ms. Sumitra Mahajan’s emotional appeal ahead of the Monsoon session “to introspect and decide the way forward” must be given due respect by the Members of Parliament. In the last session, many MPs’ conduct reeked of total disregard towards the sacred temple of democracy and was a direct assault on the faith the countrymen put in them to discuss issues of public importance on the floor of the House. Smooth conduct of the House is a moral responsibility of the MPs and they just cannot shrug it off.


IT IS one of the most heart-warming stories the world has encountered in recent times -- of the rescue of 12 boys and their coach from a flooded cave in Thailand. Odds were terribly against the rescuers, and hope of and possibility of saving the 13 trapped persons were very thin. Yet, undaunted, the rescuers continued with their work. They prepared a careful plan and carried it out patiently so that the trapped persons survive not just physically but also remain alert and full of confidence all through those terrible days. Obviously, the coach must have acted as a tower of strength to all those boys. Yet, when there seemed no route to save the trapped persons, the rescuers must have used all their intelligence, wisdom, and abilities to convince those inside that help was on the way. When we think of the entire pictures with all these details, we realise how difficult the task of rescue must have been. Yet, that was made possible and all thirteen are out safely. The world pays tribute to the rescuers and also the trapped person for their sagacity in tough times. They provided a great example.