Monsoon-related ailments on rise

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Jul 2018 11:23:53



Staff Reporter


Along with relief from scorching summer, the much-awaited monsoon has also brought a bunch of diseases and is making steel city residents struggling with dengue, malaria, conjunctivitis, eye-nose-throat and gastrointestinal infections and other bacterial and fungal infestations. Many hospitals in the city have been witnessing sharp increase in patients suffering from various ailments related with rainy season. With increasing diseases due to change in weather, it has become obligatory to take certain precautions to keep yourself away from these diseases.

The arrival of monsoon and sudden fluctuation in temperature rise is catalyszing the bacterial growth and as its outcome the risk of people falling ill with high fever and cold flu is increasing day by day. Children and youngsters for whom monsoon means fun and enjoyment and football match in muddy playgrounds have the maximum possibilities of falling ill with high fever, cold flu and other rain gastrointestinal infections. The poor sanitation and inundate water pools are the main reasons for gathering of mosquitoes, bugs and other flies which are causing dengue, malaria and other major diseases.

Pediatrician Dr Harishankar Meshram pointed that the cases of fever, dengue, malaria, conjunctivitis, eye-nose-throat , fungal infections and gastrointestinal infections are common diseases in the rainy season and are rapidly spreading in the children as well as in adult’s city because of the contaminated water and eating of unhygienic staff foods. He informed that everyday around 12 to 15 patients are coming to OPD with monsoon maladies in which most are suffering from high fever, vomiting and other gastroenteritis diseases. “It is obligatory to use boiled and filtered water for drinking and also avoid eating junk foods from stalls. Whenever you need to go outdoor use an umbrella or rain coat to protect yourself in rainy season and instruct your ward to avoid playing in rain”, advised Dr Harishankar Meshram.

The muddy water pools, food waste and dumped garbage at your surroundings can gather mosquitoes and flies which may lead to cause you malaria, eye-nose-throat infections and water borne diseases like gastroenteritis and jaundice, informed General Practitioner, Dr Nirmala Anish. She also informed that the rainy season lessens the immunity of human body and to keep yourself away from monsoon maladies, eat the right and hygienic food and stick with a healthy diet.She advised that one should take bath with hot water after getting wet in rain. “The best protection from dengue and malaria and other bacterial infections caused in rainy season is to use mosquito repellents and nets and also keep your surrounding neat and hygienic”, pointed Dr Nirmala Anish.