Narmada-Malwa-Gambhir river project in final stage

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Jul 2018 10:12:30



By Rajan Raikwar

Ninety percent work of Narmada-Malwa-Gambhir river link project has been completed and remaining work is likely to be completed in near future. This project, which was once considered complicated and challenging task, is going to irrigate land in its command area. Apart from this, it will also provide water for drinking purpose and for industrial use.Sources in Narmada Valley Development Authority (NVDA) informed ‘The Hitavada’ that work of Narmada-Malwa-Gambhir river link project is nearing completion as only ten percent work is remaining. This remaining work is likely to get completed in coming days or in near future.

This project is going to irrigate 50,000 hectare land in Indore and Ujjain districts. Notably, this ambitious project was started almost a year back and now it is heading for its completion. Its estimated cost is Rs 2187.21 crore. Once completed, this project is going to prove another shot in the arms of State Government after successful implementation of Narmada-Kshipra river link project. Narmada water will be lifted from Omkareshwar channel and will be released into the basin of Gambir river.When contacted, Additional Chief Secretary and Vice Chairman of Narmada Valley Development Authority, Rajneesh Vaish told ‘The Hitavada’ that project is almost in its final stage and going to be commissioned next month. It will create irrigation facility in 50,000 hectare land of Indore and Ujjain. In other words it will end the water crisis in 50,000 hectare area of Indore and Ujjain districts.

Moreover, sources in Narmada Valley Development Authority informed that two other projects vis Narmada-Parvati link project and Narmada-Kalisind link project are also likely to take shape in coming time. Their first and second phases have been approved and now wait is for fixation of agency for implementation of project. Command area of Narmada-Kalisind project first phase is in Dewas, Shajapur, Sehore districts. At least one lakh hectare area of 191 villages will be irrigated through drip and sprinkler system in first phase.

Its second phase is going to benefit 175 villages in Rajgarh and Shajapur districts. Around one lakh hectare land will be irrigated through drip and sprinkler system.Another river linking project which is in offing is Narmada-Parvati Link Project. It will be completed in two phases and it aims to irrigate 2 lakh hectare land of 369 villages of Sehore and Shajapur districts.Narmada-Kshipra multipurpose project is also in the offing and it is going to irrigate 30,000 hectare land in 162 villages of Ujjain and Shajapur districts.