Opposing Nanar refinery project, Sena MLAs attempt to snatch Speaker’s mace

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Jul 2018 10:39:55


Staff Reporter,

Congress MLA Nitesh Rane also joins in his Shiv Sena counterparts to oppose the project

For the first time in history of Maharashtra State Legislature, on Wednesday the members from ruling front- MLAs of Shiv Sena- attempted to snatch away the Speaker’s mace in the Assembly on over Nanar refinery project. The incident, as expected, led to disarray in the House forcing the Speaker to adjourn proceedings for entire day.

Shiv Sena has locked horns with alliance partner Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over Nanar refinery project proposed in Konkan. The party stepped-up its attack, this time inside the House. After wrangling over procedures and trying to have their way, Sena MLAs went on offensive in the Assembly on Wednesday Sena MLAs, Rajan Salvi, Pratap Sarnaik and Sadanand Chavan, Vaibhav Naik, Rajesh Kshirsagar, Prakash Surve, moved near the podium to prove their point about Nanar. However, the Marshal standing next to the Speaker Haribhau Bagade moved in a flash and grabbed hold of the mace foiling Sena MLAs’ bid. He held onto the mace even as Sena MLAs tried to snatch it but could not succeed.

As per he rules, the moment the mace in front of Speaker on his podium is lifted, the House proceedings get automatically adjourned.
Congress dissident Nitesh Rane, who belongs to Konkan, also joined the MLAs in the attempt to snatch the mace. Although Rane’s Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis was not in the House when the incident occurred during the afternoon proceedings.

Earlier too, the Assembly was adjourned thrice as Shiv Sena members repeatedly moved into the Well of the House and indulged in sloganeering. Knowing well that Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil, Leader of the Opposition, had moved adjournment notice on Nanar issue, Sena did not want to let Congress get an upper hand.

Sunil Prabhu, Group Leader, of the Shiv Sena in Assembly, wanted to be the first one to make a statement on Nanar refinery project on Wednesday. Since, Speaker earlier indicated that he will allow Vikhe-Patil to make a statement, Prabhu insisted that he be allowed to speak irrespective of the fact that reply on Opposition motion was on. Sena MLAs repeatedly moved into Well of the House demanding scrapping of Nanar project. At that time, Minister of State for Agriculture Sadabhau Khot was replying to debate on Opposition motion on issues of farmers. After question hour, Subhash Deshmukh, Co-operation Minister, replied to motion moved by Opposition members on problems of farmers, lack of fresh crop loan, non-payment of dues to farmers whose pulses were purchases by State etc. Thereafter, Khot had just begun his reply when first interruption took place.

On Vikhe-Patil’s adjournment notice, the Speaker said that he has rejected it. Meanwhile, as Sena MLAs were raising slogans, Vikhe-Patil tried to make a statement but nothing was audible in the House.

The Speaker adjourned the House for 15 minutes as Shiv Sena members were not ready to take their seats and said after Minister’s reply the same can be discussed. Prabhu, however, said that the people from Konkan were agitating and Sena should be allowed to make a statement.

After the House reassembled, Sena members were firm that their stance must be heard first and then reply be taken. On other hand, Vikhe-Patil was insisting and also began to read his statement, even as nothing was heard in noise owing to slogan shouting MLAs. This led to second adjournment for 15 minutes.Even as Sena ministers tried to reason out with young turks, mostly from Konkan area, nothing materialised. Thereafter, the Assembly was adjourned twice within half-an-hour period, first for 10 minutes and then for 15 minutes.

The House assembled again just after 2.30 pm and as per listed agenda Khot started his reply. The attempt to snatch the mace proved to be proverbial last straw and House was adjourned for the day. However, before the final adjournment, Speaker allowed passing of an important bill of Finance Department regarding Consolidated Funds of State.