unholy bias

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Jul 2018 12:26:42

THE United Nations (UN) will find it extremely difficult to erase India’s observation that the world body has demonstrated an unholy bias against India through some of its reports on the situation in Kashmir. India’s Permanent Representative to the UN has blasted two of its reports on so-called violations of human rights in Kashmir and also on so-called involvement of children in armed conflict. Ms. Lal has made it absolutely clear that the United Nations has presented reports that have no semblance with reality of Kashmir and therefore the world body has displayed an anti-India bias. This very reality sullies the reputation of the United Nations as the apex body of world affairs. For, the expectation form it is that it discharges its duty with no prejudice, which in other words means pre judgement.

On several occasions in the past, India has proved beyond doubt to the world that its conduct of Kashmir affairs has always remained above board. India has made it clear that a proxy war has been imposed on India by powers that be across the border, and that those powers are using children as a human shield against Indian security forces. When hundreds of children emerge from their secure homes and indulge in wanton stone pelting in an organised manner, it is obvious that theirs is not an impromptu action but a pre-planned one. For, the moment the security forces begin their operations, hundreds of children emerge from their homes all at once and start pelting stones at the security personnel. How do all those kids get the information so quickly and how do they get so many stones or pebbles on the streets? The world has agreed that these questions are legitimate.

Yet, the United Nations has passed a resolution to protect children in armed conflict. India has responded by stressing that the UN’s definition of armed conflict needs correction since it does not meet the norms that specify armed conflict. To this, too, the United Nations will have no answer. India, obviously, made its points very clear.
It is unfortunate that the UN should demonstrate such a bias. If this tendency grows, India will lose its faith in the world body. It must be noted with pride that India has been constantly helping the UN on its peace keeping missions the world over. Countless Indian soldiers have laid their lives in the interest of world peace and harmony across the world. India has also abided by all the UN resolutions in larger universal interests. India has also been one of the most enthusiastic supporters of the causes the UN has always espoused.

Despite this, if the UN wants to play into the hands of some vested interests to ignore the truth about a member-nation as important as India, then it is serving no actual and fruitful purpose. The two reports and the resolution indicate that the UN is acting as a hand-maiden of vested interests like Pakistan that has often violated the UN Charter in this or that way. This conduct on the part of the United Nations just does not go well with its mandates task and its reputation.

India has done well to remind the United Nations of this stark truth about itself. Now also, if the UN refuses to mend its manner, then India should feel free to make its own choice about so many issues that are pending attention. Terrorism is certainly a global concern and India has been on the forefront of the fight against menace. The UN reports seek to undermine India’s efforts as well as reputation. The reports give a handle to Pakistan to malign India’s image. On the strength of these two reports, Pakistan can now accuse India of violating the UN code.
This is one thing India can never tolerate since it presents a blatant lie. The shamelessness with which the UN is pursuing a wrong cause should make its head hang in shame.