Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Jul 2018 12:41:07

INDIA is facing grave problem of waste management, particularly growing cities and towns, so much so that for most civic bodies in the country it has become a major headache. So when advanced countries like Japan offer to help in this matter it should be welcomed with both hands. Waste management has two major issues involved: scientific and technological component and cultural problem. While developed countries like Japan may offer technological and scientific wherewithal and expertise, the other issue, cultural management proves a major impediment in getting desired result. The pollution of the Ganga, Taj Mahal, major river systems, air pollution can be dealt with only if the people are willing to understand their own responsibility towards ensuring cleanliness at personal and societal level. The Government has undertaken the Ganga cleaning mission but its success will be ensured only if the people undertake the responsibility of maintaining purity of the Ganga. Likewise waste management will be successful only if people imbibe the culture of curbing waste creation.


THERE was a poisonous prelude to the NATO summit, underway in Brussels, right from the day US President Mr. Donald Trump held the G-7 members to ransom with his obstinate attitude last month. It spilled over on Wednesday night as Mr. Trump jumped straight on to his agenda of pulling the alliance partners, whom he accuses of bad faith, over defence spending commitments. The transatlantic rift is widening each day over trade, energy and now defence. Trump’s demand of raising defence spending towards two per cent of their GDP is seen by the NATO members as crass vandalism. Trump feels the alliance partners are taking advantage of the United States with unfair trade. The growing chasm between the partners can be a serious threat to European alliance even as Mr. Trump continues to connect trade with security. The US President’s consistently inconsistent ways and his hostility towards Europe is fast getting on the nerves of powers like Germany whose trade links with Russia are also under Mr. Trump’s lens.