Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 Jul 2018 11:17:57


NOT educating women has a tremendous economic cost. That is the finding of the World Bank, revealed in its latest report, released on the occasion of ‘Malala Day.’ According to the report,  not educating women globally costs anything between USD 15 and USD 30 trillion. And the worst situation in this regard is that of the low income countries, where majority of girl children are not even able to complete their primary and lower secondary education. As a result the world economy is deprived of the services of women as they are unable to secure gainful employment and contribute to creation of wealth.

On the contrary it was found that educated women have contributed much to national economies whenever they got the opportunities. Not educating girl child is deeply rooted in the cultural biases against women, mostly in backward or tradition-bound societies as also due to economic reasons where educating male child is gets greater priority over girls. Similarly, financial dependence is another impeding factor in women’s development as a human being. 



A DAY after its minister cautioned India of “losing special privileges if New Delhi cuts import of Iranian oil” the  country’s embassy cleared the air by recognising India’s geopolitical considerations in the face of US diktat over purchasing oil from Iran. The US sanctions on Iran that came as a consequence for its withdrawal from the nuclear deal and Mr. Donald Trump’s bid to rally other nations against Tehran has become a tricky affair for India.

Iran is a major source of oil supply for India’s growing energy demands. If India gives in to the pressure mounted by the United States and cuts oil import then it risks a frosty relation with traditional partner Iran and a chance of losing access to critical trade routes through the Chabahar port. It is a slippery path that India must tread with utmost caution as it involves a big diplomatic as well as political manoeuver to keep a strategic ally in good humour. Trade and geopolitics face a stern test in the coming days as New Delhi attempts to wriggle out of the conundrum keeping national interest as well as its international reputation in mind.