Start seeking careers in defence services

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 15 Jul 2018 09:45:24






THERE is a drastic and disturbing nationwide fall in the number of youngsters seeking admission to engineering colleges. This is also applicable to admissions in polytechnic as well. As a result, countless numbers of engineering colleges all over the country are on the verge of closure. Obviously, the Government’s policy of giving permission to open engineering colleges to private parties left-right-and-centre has failed. And this has happened because the Government made terribly wrong projection of the demand for engineers. Countless lakhs of young 

engineers now are facing a terrible job crunch and are ready to pick up jobs for shockingly low salaries. The initial enthusiasm over, the larger society is now faced with hard reality that the Government had taken it for a ride. For, the promised jobs did not come by, and so promised prosperity, too, gave a dodge.

It is against this background that our youngsters now need to look for alternative careers, which is going to be a tough task anyway. Just as the fresh hunt goes on for newer career-lines, it would be pertinent for young people to look at defence-related careers in which good rewards are forthcoming, provided, of course, one has the ability to ‘crack’ the initial examinations and tests. Once that is done, countless numbers of career opportunities would be available to young people.

Of course, it is not easy to ‘crack’ those tests. For, the youngster must possess something special for jobs in defence-related careers. And unfortunately, the larger society does not prepare its youngsters for such challenges. And this is the real difficulty.

If the youngsters are to be pushed to seek defence-related careers, they will have to prepare themselves consciously for the same. They will have to get physically fitter, mentally more alert, psychologically more mature, and intellectually more focused. That is the reason the Armed Forces’ advertisements for career openings ask “Young friends, do you have it in you?”.

That is a great question to ask, anyway. For, when the defence-related careers require different and sharper skill-sets, then it is necessary to build our youngsters on those lines, help them prepare to acquire specific skills so that eligibility for careers in defence and allied services is attained.

Everyone knows, however, that the careers in defence services or related avenues are much better paying and much more secure not just in terms of jobs but also in terms of social life, healthcare, consumer needs, children’s education etc. Yet, for reasons not analysed in detail, most Indian families do not promote defence-related careers for their youngsters. But with job crunch hitting the society, it may become utterly necessary for our youngsters to start seeking jobs in defence-related careers.

In that case, let us start readying our youngsters for the challenging careers in defence.