Source: The Hitavada      Date: 18 Jul 2018 12:23:09









A COUPLE of days ago TV viewers got to watch a strange spectacle: Chief Minister of Karnataka Mr. H. D. Kumar Swami crying in public for his inability to do justice to the public mandate because, according him, his coalition partner, the Congress, was making it impossible to run the Government. That is not unlikely because in the first place the coalition was made up of strange bedfellows who have all along been bitter political adversaries and fought the elections to the State Assembly as such. Hence their coming together itself was an unnatural occurrence and in a way was an anti-people happening. Such an alliance was never likely to have smooth relationship, neither in the short run, nor in the long run. Since the Congress is a majority partner it is extracting as much price as possible from the Chief Minister, as he lacks the numbers which would have made his position tenable. If he now feels helpless as the Chief Minister, it is hardly surprising. Implicit in the coalition was conflict and contradiction. This is akin to what happened in Kashmir. Misgovernance.


THE meeting between US President Mr. Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Mr. Vladimir Putin is bound to create reverberations in the United States and around the world. Mr. Trump’s assertion of sharing an “extraordinary relationship” with Mr. Putin is seen as a clean chit to Russia over accusations of rigging the US Presidential elections. Mr. Trump’s favouring of Mr. Putin’s denial of election interference is seen as a meek surrender by the US President to a country which shares a torturous relationship with Washington. The US President went to the extent of blaming his own predecessors for creating this frosty relations with Russia. It is Mr. Trump’s feeble attempt to exonerate himself as well as Russia despite strong evidences produced by the US intelligence agencies. Mr. Trump’s rejection of a chance to condemn Moscow’s alleged manipulation of the US polls is bound to cause political ripples in the United States as it validates the claim of a large chunk that Mr. Trump keeps his own interest above those of America.