Source: The Hitavada      Date: 19 Jul 2018 11:58:50

PRIME Minsiter Mr. Narendra Modi has made a timely appeal to the Opposition parties to make the forthcoming monsoon session fruitful and productive. The appeal, apparently, has come in the wake of session after session being wasted in Opposition not allowing the Parliament to function in an orderly manner for the last nearly four years, with Government business of vital importance to the nation not being attended to.

The Prime Minister’s appeal, therefore, has come out of the concern for national issues not being debated and discussed in the august chambers of the Parliament, which is the primary responsibility of every member of Parliament. While acknowledging the Opposition’s right to criticise and question Government’s decisions, the Opposition too is equally responsible for ensuring smooth conduct of the business of the Parliament and be a part of governance of the country. Just opposing for the sake of opposition is not the way to discharge that responsibility. The Opposition must also become an eual partner in the running of the Parliament.



FORMER US President Mr. Barack Obama, one of the sanest voices whose words carry huge weightage of truth and relevance, chose the perfect stage to champion the cause of a liberal democracy in the present world that is witnessing “strongman politics” and populism eroding the basic fabric of the human society. Delivering the Nelson Mandela Lecture in Johannesburg, Mr. Obama gave an eloquent  rebuke to the powers that are out to undermine the basic tenets of democracy in many parts of the world.

Mr. Obama’s veiled attack on his successor, Mr. Donald Trump, could not be missed at any point but it was also a warning for the world’s elite who are out of touch with the lives of the poor. The growing threat of a brutal way of doing business and snapping oneself into a false cocoon has become a new norm in today’s world, which Mr. Obama fiercely detested during his own time as the US President. By invoking Mandela’s policy of tolerance, Mr. Obama was only telling the harsh reality of intolerance and abhorrence towards facts ruling the society.