Sensex to cross one lakh mark by 2024, says Kiran Jadhav

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Jul 2018 11:18:33



Business Bureau

DURING the last 36 years, only 8 years had Bull rallies while the rest of the years were Bare run for the share market, said Kiran Jadhav, Managing Director of Kiran Jadhav and Associates. He was addressing a seminar on ‘Vision 2024 of Stock Market’ in city on Sunday. Jadhav said, according to the cumulative annualised returns from 1980 to 2017, inflation was at 7.94 per cent, gold was at 9.23 per cent, bank FD at 8.83 per cent and BSE Sensex at 16.4 per cent. “Its only the share market that has given good returns and therefore one should invest in stocks only,” Jadhav suggested.

According to him, gold and real estate gave negative returns while investment in stock and that too in pharma companies was the ever green option. Emphasising on his company’s success mantra Jadhav said, one should read, understand and then Invest (Padkar, Samazkar, Niveshkar). “One should know to do fundamental analysis and technical analysis, to book huge profit from the stock market.” He also stressed that investment should be able to beat inflation. Investors should not keep the fear in mind, whatever may be the results of the elections of 2019, or situations of world trade war etc., stock market will grow at its own pace, Jadhav claimed by giving examples.

“Market moves at a particular phase all over the world. One should understand that phases,” he noted. He said, “The first phase is stealth phase where the market moves very slow. The second phase is the awareness phase followed by the menia phase during which everyone claims about the boom of the share market, but it is not the optimum period of the boom. The last phase is the blow off phase during which the market is at its peak and it is the proper time to dispose off the shares, as the market after that phase starts coming down.”

“The Sensex will cross one lakh mark by 2024. It is the right time to invest in the share market,” Jadhav suggested. Elaborating through the market curves with the help of graphs Jadhav pointed out that one should be able to understand the market curves. “One should know the proper entry and exit time from the share market,” Jadhav concluded. Dyaneshwar Badhe, Central Region Head of Kiran Jadhav and Associates, introduced the speaker and also conducted the proceedings. More than 2,000 investors attended the event.