Light up THE DARK AREA to know yourself

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 22 Jul 2018 11:28:03



There is a song I remember being sung when one is happy. “Once upon a time, the world was sweeter than we know, but somehow, once upon a time never comes again”. When I was in college, there were many love affairs in which boys and girls were involved but none of them ended in partnership. But the romance was unique and inimitable and the bondage purely temporary ending in a farewell to love. I remember one such couple who promised that the love was eternal.

Mounts of paper were used to write love letters which all faded as time passed. But what if your romantic dream fades, say after the standard four or five years period, and you find yourself committed but no longer enchanted!

There is no need to feel cheated because we are all in the same boat and its name is human nature. People win lotteries and feel high for some time till something more mundane happens to shake the faith you had. The only people whose dreams persist are the losers, the ones whose beloved always remains out of reach. That is the law applicable to everyone without exception.

If that is not so the world would shrink and collapse! There is another song which says: “Love comes along casting its spell. Will it sing you a song or will it say farewell? No one can say!” The human mind is a battle field. You have to dehypnotise yourself from your false negative beliefs about yourself. So, if you want to change, don’t complain about it. Do something; be a doer and not a wisher, hoper or a critic. Out of resistance comes strength; out of failure comes success; out of sorrow comes joy and happiness.

The human mind is a copier whatever model the mind holds, life copies. When a man fights with himself he is worth something. Successful people enjoy the stress. Life without tension is soup without salt. Ultimately, it is not how much we have but how much we enjoy! Success is not an exclusive club. It is open to each individual who has the courage to choose his own goal. My father used to say: “Out of forward motion growth begins; out of it comes the human essence known as character”.

After all, the ultimate purpose of life is to test the human spirit and to develop something better more near to perfection. The human mind is a highly potent weapon. The mind can create a heaven or hell because everything depends on the quality of our thoughts. It is only when you take the courage to lose at yourself once in your life, that you can decide to make a few changes. Like the tailor who cuts clothes and gives it a shape, we can cut out the unwanted thoughts and retain the essence. There is no one who can give the keys to paradise. You have to open the door and enter the space which till now was influenced by other people. Young people flock and crowd in Church, Mosque, Temples, Gurudwara or Synagogue who admit that they are willing to accept help.

There is nothing wrong in it. You don’t go to a temple for worship but to strengthen your struggle to become a good human being! My teacher used to say: “Don’t you want to be a better person and that is what culture is about. When you are sick you go to a doctor. If you don’t, you get worse and may even die. One of the primary aim of religion is to teach people to like themselves and be good about themselves. People who feel good about themselves are charitable, generous, more for giving, less defensive about mistakes, more accessible to change and better able to cope with misfortune and adversity! People who feel good about themselves will be more open to suggestions of change.

A person who sees himself as a good person believes in his capacity to become even more better which is the way to grow and develop! The difference between great and ordinary people is rarely great intellect but insight. The great man understands the essence of a problem, whereas the ordinary man only sees and recognizes the symptoms. A good man does not depend merely on luck. To some extent he makes his own luck. A wiseman will create opportunities than wasting time.

If you set yourself firmly on the path of improving, you will see opportunities! There is a saying “Chance favours the prepared mind”. Therefore, when you see opportunities seize them; the small opportunities will later lead to big opportunities. Advancement is not getting the lucky breaks. When the opportunity comes even by chance, you should be prepared and must be able to deliver results. A man usually rises to the occasion when the opportunity comes!