Start seeking careers in defence services - II

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 22 Jul 2018 09:38:04






IT IS possible that some people may misunderstand that anybody pushing the idea of defence-related careers is only promoting a second-rate line, after failing to make the grade in engineering or similar careers. But that would be an erroneous impression, to say the least. For, defence-
related careers do not come easily, and the youngsters have to work hard to make the grade. That is the reason why the Armed Forces ask youngsters: “Do you have it in you?”
Some time back, when hundreds of youngsters tried to ‘crack’ tests, they could capture only one-third of the vacancies.

Why? -- we may ask.
The answer is simple: Most youngsters suffered from weakened eye-sight and failed the test. Your expensive specs may be giving you a smart look, but the Air Force or any Armed Force does not like those
so-called smart or good or modern looks. They want simple people with eyes intact.

And why did that happen? -- we may continue to ask.
Again, the answer is simple: Our youngsters have spoiled their eyes by getting addicted to mobile phones and computers and television. If only they had not wasted time and spoiled their eye-sight, they would have got into a wonderful career.

Here is another detail, as well. A good percentage of youngsters do not get into the Defence services through the Services Selection Boards (SSBs) as they cannot make the grade in physical fitness and mental toughness.

And why does this happen?
The simple answer again: In most families, the emphasis on physical fitness is almost totally missing. The youngsters spend most of their time in the teen years attending tuition classes and trying to pass those tests that seem to cover all alphabets -- JEE, JEE Advanced, and this and that and still that ...! So, when a youngster wastes his or her muscle-building years in senseless pursuits in which chances of success are only minimal, it is futile to expect him or her to be physically fit and mentally tough. Naturally, such youngsters cannot ‘crack’ tests for defence-related careers.
But then, may they -- and the whole society -- keep in mind that a whole range of defence-related careers is open for any takers. There are careers in combat positions,
in signals, in engineering positions, in medical services, in postal services, in automobiles ...!

There are enough opportunities, but unfortunately there are not enough numbers of
takers, not enough numbers of youngsters competent enough to grab those. This is something that is purely and surely undesirable.

In the past few years, a big activity is visible on the horizon training youngsters to learn how to crack tests for defence-related careers. If the families think positively about defence careers for their youngsters, those training facilities etc can be utilised as stepping stones.
The Indian Armed Forces have been facing an eternal lack of enough numbers of officers for years. If the society grabs the opportunities, an altogether different picture will emerge -- with splendrous colours.