What Am I

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 24 Jul 2018 10:46:03

A flickering image on the retina of your eyes

The glimpse of a shadow next to you
when the sun goes down
A single motion
whirling and swaying , heading off your sight
you've never been able to touch ,
but has always been in reach
The warm spot on the blanket
where your disheveled head has rested
The sound leaving your mouth
when your voice refuses to speak
a pure tone along the white noise
that constantly fills up your ears
The dimension between your mind
and your heart
that you have not explored yet
which shall be left untouched
for you remain trapped in the echoes of the past
and the present
unwilling to give up on both..














Manshi Jaiswal
3rd Year, BID,
Nikalas Mahila Mahavidyala.