Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Jul 2018 12:59:20









THE highest judicial authority in the country, Chief Justice of India, Mr. Deepak Misra has expressed grave concern over modern society’s fetish to rely on the social media. As has been rightly said by him, reliance on this media, instead of benefitting the society, is causing much distress. Most of the lynching incidents, for example, that have taken place lately is a consequence of people relying on reports appearing in the social media, without verifying their veracity or truthfulness. Innocent lives are being taken mindlessly on mere suspicion of some kind or the other. False news appearing on the social media is causing much unease in the society, leading to acrimony among various sections of the people. Hence the Chief Justice’s appeal to the people to be circumspect and be discernible about the veracity of reports and information appearing on the social media. CJI Mr. Misra has very rightly advised people to be responsible and filter the information before acting. He has also justifiably told media houses to introspect before giving credence to such reports.


ONLY a Rafael Nadal can say that he does not aim at winning all the matches he plays. He says categorically that he plays for the thrill of competition. Obviously, he wants to test himself against the best, and offer his best to the game, and enjoy the process. That is also the reason why he has given to the game a Rafa Nadal Open tournament as part of the ATP tour. As he did that, Rafa Nadal stressed that he never plays to win all the matches and that he enjoys the thrill of competition more than anything else. This approach may confuse many, but this is evident throughout his autobiography ‘Rafa’ as he keeps cautioning himself almost spiritually not to let playing a good shot or a bad one affect his inner calm and resolve to do better. That is also the reason he describes the atmosphere at Wimbledon’s Centre as something akin to the one available in a cathedral. It is obvious, thus, that Rafa Nadal is one of those few players who are looking for spiritual satiation than material satisfaction. This marks him differently from other players of the great game. May his tribe grow.