JMC fails to control menace of stray animals

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Jul 2018 10:23:55



Staff Reporter

Taking no lessons from fatal accidents caused due to stray cattle, Jabalpur Municipal Corporation (JMC) is taking no pains to end stray cattle menace. In a heartrending incident, an Ox drove its horn into the chest of a young man, who died on the spot due to serious injuries. Two days have passed but the civic body has taken no action.
Besides other civic problems, inconvenience being created by stray animals has become troublesome for citizens whether people walk on road, ride vehicle on street or remain at their homes. These days, city dwellers are forced to face terror of stray animals. During daytime, people have to encounter stray cow, buffalo, monkey and swine while after sunset citizens have to bear with stray canine terror.

Although, senior authorities of the Municipal Corporation know it well but take no pains to resolve the problems and rid people of stray animal terror. Likewise, Haka gang, which has bestowed the liability of catching stray cattle from city roads never take pain to conduct drive regularly and catch cattle. Due to the negligence, herds of stray cattle roam on main roads, squares and even in residential colonies.Stray cattle sit in herd at squares, roads and obstruct free movement of traffic. They also chase people and injured them. The unconcerned attitude of JMC in tacking the problem is proving costly to citizens.

Social organisations and public representatives too draw the attention of JMC officials towards the problem but the authorities concerned pay no heed to the problem and taking no sincere steps to resolve it. Stray cattle including cow, buffalo, ox rove on roads and sit in herd at main squares.Earlier, the Municipal Corporation had used to catch stray cattle and kept them at places developed for the purpose. But, now it has stopped the practice. The Haka Gang of JMC is showing no interest to catch stray cattle from city streets.Likewise, the indolence on the part of the Jabalpur Municipal Corporation in catching monkeys and taking them away from city limits is also proving dear to denizens. Now-a-day monkeys have been terrorising people. A number of areas of the city have been facing monkey menace. Since morning monkey create nuisance for denizens. They wound people, barge into houses and ransack dwellings. They even damage property. Indifferent attitude of JMC in tackling the problem is proving costly to the residents. People of Garha, Ranjhi, Medical College and other such areas of the city have constantly been submitting complaints to concerned officials but they are paying no ears to people’s complaints.

Similarly, stray swine are also causing inconvenience to Jabalpurians. After stray cattle and monkeys, pigs also creating problems. They wander on roads in every part of the city. Swine sit on garbage dumps, scatter it on roads. The pigs roam openly and freely on city streets posing threat of spread of dreadful diseases like Swine Flu. Despite the health department of JMC is doing nothing to end the menace.After braving stray cattle, monkeys and pigs during day time, Jabalpurians have to encounter with furious stray dogs after sun set. Stray canines haunt people. They chase vehicle riders and even wound them. It has become tough for people to walk and ride safely on roads. Despite such danger, the health department of JMC is showing no hurry to end stray dogs menace within city limits.It is the high time when the senior officials of the JMC must wake up from deep slumber and pay needed heed to stray cattle menace. Their irresponsible attitude to resolve people’s problem is developing a sense of faithlessness in citizens.