Value based education need of the hour

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Jul 2018 12:19:04



By dr rajshree randive admane

Today’s education gives importance to the examination system and now it is becoming an Information, total marks, merit positions, awards & such thing. The education system; pushing back the value system students are obliged to rely on private tutors. They require to depend so much upon their memory that they have no chance to cultivate their imagination & thinking power.They resort to socially destructive and personally devastating ways of coping this stress as evident by increased rate of crime, alcoholism, drug addiction, suicides, accidents, self-harm, running away from home, depression, low self-esteem etc..ultimately what this mean is that there is a general decline in the quality of life and total absence of moral creativity. Quick acquisition of position & wealth by whatever means, fair or foul; good or bad has been the soul motive of the products of such a defective system of education. Present curriculum some extent reflects human values and the value system. So its need of the hour that schools and colleges have to promote the value-based education.

Values as ‘a set of principles whereby a conduct is directed and regulated as a guide for individual or social groups ‘Value means the total amount of force with which an object (material or spiritual) causes a subject to attain its purpose as the means to an end. Broadly speaking there are four types of values viz. Social, Mental, Moral and Intellectual. They are further split into eight types of values as National, Intellectual, Mental, Social, Professional, Cultural and Moral. Value is one by which men live. Values are help to developed positive mental attitude, purity of love, enthusiasm, self confidence, faith in others, discipline, patience and perseverance and strengthening emotional intelligenceValue Based Education opens up our mind gives us purity of heart. The education which we are provides us with skills provides us sincerity, extends our relationship with the world, links us with our own family members, makes our living better makes our life better, teaches us to compete with others, encourages us to be complete, makes us a good professional makes us a whole human, takes us to the top and the whole society. Value-based-education should help build up an integrated personality.

Learning gives us the tool for a deeper understanding. It is a responsibility of each individual, as a creator of value, to work for gain in such a way as to contribute to the welfare of both - himself and his society. High value can give rise to the energy and motivate for possession. The aim of our teaching should be to help manifest this spirit in every thought, word and action. Incorporating value-based-education in society will result in growth of character, growth in virtues like Self-control, tolerance, selfless service, practice of prayer, harmony, to love all people, to help them in need & respect them etc. The teacher can teach values to students by means of showing them good books of moral stories, biographies of great people, displaying good articles from the newspaper, magazines, writing our own articles to guide them, instilling the habits of prayer, meditation, giving respect to others, helping someone selflessly. Success should be based on values. And for that value-based education must be imparted in today’s institutions. So that the students may emerge as good leaders in their chosen fields.