Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Jul 2018 12:12:15









A HAPPY and welcome change is visible in the rural areas of Maharashtra that has come out largely unscathed through the harsh summer without any alarming water crisis. A large chunk of credit to this situational change goes to ‘Jalyukta Shivar’, Maharashtra Government’s flagship water conservation scheme, that has made many perennially drought-prone areas either water-neutral or water-sufficient. In its fourth year, the programme has proved to be a gamechanger as the latest numbers suggest. A water storage capacity of over 17,000 TMC in three years is a certificate to the mission mode on which the scheme was implemented. Yet, the job is just half done. Awareness on a larger scale must be the immediate step for the authorities. However, the scheme provides a template for other parts of the country to overcome their water woes. Major parts of hinterlands are still untouched with government initiatives. Schemes like ‘Jalyukta Shivar’ have the potential to bring far-flung areas in the ambit of concrete development.


THE Indian Hockey team might have lost in the finals of the Champions Trophy tournament in the penalty shoot-out, but its overall performance was that of a deserving champion squad. Throughout the tournament, the Indians showed their guts and gait capably and acquitted themselves very well. This tournament was a very good demonstration of the improvement in the team’s collective showing, thanks to the systematic effort made by the new coach Harendra Singh who could motivate the players to do their best. One of the most important gains of the new approach to playing hockey is that all the players played as one man and played to a strategy. Their loss in the penalty shoot-out was not due to lack of skill, but because of lack of experience of handling such tricky and tense moments. In the zone of the mind, thus, the team could not cope with the challenge of the moment. However, this experience will certainly teach the team an important lesson -- that a champion is not made in the muscle but is actually shaped in the mind. This is good enough.