Water crisis looms large on Raipur; RMC rebuts

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Jul 2018 11:31:44




Staff Reporter


Capital Raipur is looking at looming water crisis as the farmers at village Bendri reportedly drew water for irrigation, resulting in extremely low water level at filter plant on the banks of river Kharun. Meanwhile, Additional Commissioner Saumya Chaurasiya clarified that there is no need to worry.RMC was on its toe as news of water level of Kharun dropping to worryingly low level start flashing in news media on Monday. The reason behind this sudden drop in water level was drawing of water by the farmers of village Bendri without any approval of the Irrigation Department. News had it that city may face water crisis on Tuesday morning. There were also reports of around three overhead tanks running dry on Monday evening.

However, Additional Commissioner Saumya Chaurasiya rebutted the news, claiming that they are getting 400 cusec water present. It would take some time for level maintenance. Once it is done, there won’t be any problem. She did accept that overhead water tanks at Eidgahbhata and Tilak Nagar have been affected the most whereas other areas are partially.They are operating the filter plant a bit carefully as only 2 motors are running and other 2 would be started later. The workwas going since past three days.

She also rejected the claims that drawing of water by farmers will have any effect on RMC water supply. They were getting assistance of Irrigation Department. She also informed that a major repairing works going on in pipeline is expected to be completed by tomorrow. There are two intake vents below besides the two appearing above the water level and everything would be back to normal in
the night.