Being Pretty

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Jul 2018 11:07:04


ISHA was roaming around the college with a big smile on face and excitement in her eyes. She was more than happy to finally enter adulthood and college life. She was a young woman with lots of dreams and a wild soul to get it all!

Unlike other girls, she was not much concerned about how she looked or what she dressed like. According to the standards of our society she was not at all beautiful. She wore simple clothes with no accessories and had a dark complexion. But the most beautiful thing about her was that she never cared about how she looked but always cared about what her vision was and how she could be the best version of herself. Everyone around loved her because they knew the real her. Now, she had entered a whole new world at her new college where there were young people who cared more about looks.

As Isha was observing everything keenly, Priya stepped on her foot and everyone started laughing and started teasing her, shouting “Ugly-Bee, Ugly-Bee, where did you come from? Don’t sting us with your ugly thorn!” Priya was the head girl and the most popular girl in the college.

Even this unpleasant experience was not able to crumble Isha. Priya never stopped teasing her but she did not let anything bother her. She participated in many extra-curricular activities and performed extremely well. She topped the college in exams too. Priya considered herself the prettiest and the most famous girl. She was not able to digest the fact that such a simple girl like Isha was becoming the new star of the college.

To insult Isha, Priya planned revenge. She put posters all over the college in which the meanest stuff was written about Isha, like how ugly she is and how she does not deserve anything in life because she is not pretty.

Next day, when everybody came to the college and saw these posters, opposite of what Priya expected happened. They knew only one person in the college can do such ridiculous thing, and that was Priya. Everyone started looking at her with disgust. Priya had to suffer the ill effects which she planned for Isha.

When Isha saw all this, a smile appeared on face. Her friends were shocked to see her smiling. She announced that she wanted to share something with all of them. Everyone thought the right time has come and Isha will snap back at Priya. Isha went to the stage and started talking. She said, “Once my mother told me, it is better to be envied than to be pitied! That’s why this smile on my face. And for so long Priya has said so many things to me, so now I also want to return her favour and tell her something. I know that I am not pretty as per your standards, but you know what? I try hard to be pretty! You think being pretty is a big deal right? I totally agree with you. But I suggest you to try what my vision is of being pretty. If you want be pretty forever, be pretty kind, be pretty strong, be pretty loving, be pretty honest! This way you shall be pretty forever.”

The college hall was filled with claps and whistling sounds. She became the star of the college and a face nobody would ever forget.
















Jagruti Singh
Hislop College.