Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Jul 2018 11:32:35


By resmi umesh,

Present day teacher education system in our country is ill equipped to meet the cultural, socio economic and cognitive demands of our students. It is high time we should give more importance to innovation and action researches. Those who have a basic twelve year schooling and diploma in education will become a teacher in India. Are the real talents enrolling for the teacher education programmes? The percentage of the teachers who really love their profession is very less. Updating the knowledge and practical implementation are must for every teacher.


A recent statistical data on school teachers read like this.....
75% teachers in India are unable or untrained to handle multi grade teaching...
More than 7 lakh teachers lack requisite qualifications......
Thousands of teacher education colleges are not conferring to the standards set by NCTE.....
On the top of all only 1% is qualifying the teacher aptitude and eligibility tests......

This data shows a very poor picture of the quality of teacher education all over the country. The future of the nation is prepared from the classrooms in our country. The quality of the students depends on the quality of the teachers. If education is really an important aspect for our growth, how much care is being taken to produce and nurture the real talents?

The countries where education is given a considerable status and spends a major GDP on education, accept only 10%of the total applications they receive for teachers and turns down 90% of applications. A master’s degree, thesis and a series of personal interviews and tests are mandatory to become a primary teacher in several countries. Moreover the social status and facilities are like any other best careers. The countries who give importance to education look for the skills, talent and professional interest of persons those who aspire to become teachers.

The complex teaching process demands the qualities like subject knowledge,interpersonal skills,empathy, creativity and many more to take care the students under them. A perfect teacher is the embodiment of all qualities. If the teaching profession demands all these qualities, why don’t we have a proper selection process like any other competitive exam in our country? Why can’t we think of any exam to the level of NEET/JEE to get selection to country’s best teacher training institutes? Why attractive wages and placement options are not given for a talented teacher?

It is high time that we have to address the grassroot level problem in education. At least an average percentage of teachers are becoming teachers by chance. If we really want our education system to be one of the best education system, it is high time govt should give teaching a high status. To attract the best talents to this field, tough exams of national level to be conducted to get eligibility to this profession. The selection for the courses should be based on a series of personal tests and interviews. Visionaries in the field of politics and profession should constitute a committee to solve this issue. Pre-primary and primary teachers require more skills to handle the students. Keeping this in mind an integrated system from pre-primary to senior level is to be prepared. To meet the current needs and demands, we have to re-frame our policies and focus on the overall development of student teachers. These factors should be very seriously studied and proper steps to be taken to attract the real, gifted and talented person towards the profession.

Teacher education colleges should be well equipped with all the necessary infrastructure and attached model schools. There should be collaboration between the colleges and schools. Even the colleges should have the collaboration with world class teacher education institutes. The implementation of various techniques and methods to foster innovation, action research, depth of the content and world class techniques will result in the considerable changes and improve the status of the teaching. Moreover teacher undergo these training may not require any eligibility and aptitude test as it is already tested in the initial stage.

It is not easy to become a teacher. A teacher has to be multi-tasking and undergo various challenges inside the school. So it is very important to make them capable to face them. It is a very important issue that teacher’s stress level is increasing day by day. Honest communication and transparency is very important to retain the best teacher. Action research, workshop and teacher improvement programmes, creating accountability make them passionate for teaching. Developmental feed back, transparent and effective communication, confidence, appreciation and giving proper input to build loyalty are essential. If we want a vibrant community of our level of expectation, they should be moulded by the right and passionate people. Good package, emotional security and relevant in-service training are essential.

Management and leadership are crucial for providing conducive environment to create happy teachers... Happy teachers will lead to happy students. A performance based evaluation system with understanding the strength and guiding them will fetch good results.

(The author is HM, Primary, Saraswati Vidyalaya, Nagpur and can be reached at [email protected])