Truth and Lie

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Jul 2018 10:52:26


The life is just a great lie.

One who came has to say good bye.
New births bring joy of millionaire,
Deaths leave us in a desert of despair.
Entry and exit is nature’s rule,
Immortality is a truth for fool.
Living even after eternal rest,
Not in yours but others’ chest.
True life is folks miss you in your absence,
Remembering your good deeds and presence.

Life is just a big lie.
Lots of difficulties low and high.
Lie is aiming just to be wealthy,
True wealth lies in making others healthy.
Turning others’ cries into tears of joy,
Bringing same smile as a elated kid with toy.
This is what as a doctor has to do,
Selfless service without asking, who are you?
The true super-lasting wealth you will gain,
As those good wishes won’t go in vain.

Life is just a huge lie.
So enjoy your life before you die.
Wake up with enthusiasm
And sleep with sigh.
’Cause life is simply a lie.


















Nisha B Pahuja
1st year MBBS,