Maoists admit to failure in carrying out ‘action’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Jul 2018 08:23:19


By Kartik Lokhande,









Every year, Communist Party of India (Maoist) terrorists carry out what they call Tactical Counter-Offensive Campaign (TCOC) between March and June. However, the Maoist documents seized recently by Maharashtra Police reveal that the red terrorists have admitted to their failure in targetting the forces and mobilising ‘militia’ (fighting force in forest areas).

The documents, which are apparently proceedings of a few meetings held at sub-zonal or zonal level committees of CPI (Maoist), mince no words in stating, “We have failed in hitting the target of TCOC in four commands. Two companies took some effort. But, due to small technical mistakes and error of judgement at the level of Commanders, we have lost good opportunities.” The Maoists have also attributed failure in carrying out their annual TCOC to a variety of reasons other than ‘technical mistakes’ and ‘error of judgment at the level of Commanders’. These include failure in mobilising ‘militia’ (fighting force in forest areas), problems with gathering of Intelligence on police movement, insubordination within party units etc.

In one of the documents, instances of junior-level Maoist terrorists refusing to obey the orders of seniors have been mentioned. From the documents, it is evident that the senior-level Maoists are worried about juniors refusing to do ‘sentry duties’. In some cases, when the senior Maoists scolded the juniors, they preferred not to communicate with each other. This resulted in lack of co-ordination within units while moving through the jungles and avoiding face-off with the security forces. Further, in some cases, the Maoists on sentry duty kept talking to each other in voice loud enough to be heard for good distance in the silence of night. The Maoist documents flay ‘such practices’.

Mentioning the increased visibility and mobility of police forces especially in Gadchiroli district, the Maoists have expressed worries about own operations. “All the single-target actions this year under TCOC have failed completely,” one of the documents mention.

Apart from the violent ‘action’, the Maoists have also expressed ‘concern’ over ‘failure’ in expediting ‘mass work’ like organising people in the name of economic struggle, issues related to Bamboo and Tendu leaves, ‘suppression’ etc. “We could not organise morcha and meetings, or huge public gatherings,” added a document. Further, the Maoist documents reveal that the red terrorists failed in collecting ‘political information’ in sub-zones in Maharashtra between 2014 and 2016. The documents also point out failure of Maoists in ‘counter-propaganda’ against some of the non-Government organisations that have been speaking up against the outlaws.

The Maoists’ admission of own failure comes at a time when Maharashtra Police is basking in the glory of country’s biggest anti-Maoist encounters earlier this year. Gadchiroli Police, in co-ordination with Central Reserve Police Force, eliminated more than 40 Maoists in two back-to-back encounters earlier this year. Some of the documents that reveal failure of Maoists in carrying out annual TCOC, were seized from the site of encounter in Boriya-Kasnasur forests. Also, the documents make it clear how police have been dominating the scene in especially Gadchiroli district, which is in Maharashtra along the borders with the states of Chhattisgarh and Telangana.