Villagers’ demand to relocate electric poles near pond falls on deaf ears

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Jul 2018 16:47:07



Our Correspondent


The residents of gram panchayat Pendri have been demanding to relocate 11 electric poles installed near the pond, as they fear that the poles could be life threatening for the villagers. The Chhattisgarh State Power Distribution Company (CSPDCL) officials instead of resolving the problems of the villages, has slammed a demand notice of Rs 3.15 lakh to the Gram Panchayat Pendri.According to information received, The CSPDCL officials had erected 11 electric poles near the pond nearly 8 years back, without giving a thought that it would be risky for the villagers. Since then the villagers have been demanding to remove it. The Sarpanch Levan Singh Sori in Jandarshan and also during Gram Suraaj Abhiyaan kept forward the problem of the villagers, but the matter instead of getting resolved, the Gram Panchayat received a notice of Rs 3.15 lakh.

One of the villagers Birendar Singh Sori said that the poles have been installed near pond, which has increased the risk. The pond water is used by the villagers for their daily work and the farmers also use the water for irrigation. “During storm, the villagers get frightened because if a single wire broke down and fell into water, heavy current will flow in to the pond which will risk the life of many people,” added villager Firatu Singh Nishad. Villager Nand Kumar said that the officials of CSPDCL have installed the pole nearly 8 years back, 11 poles, without the permission of Gram Panchayat and since then the villagers have been demanding to shift it but the officials hardly pay any heed towards their problems. Nand added, “The pond is spread in 32 acres of land and it helps in irrigating nearly 300 acres of field. In the year 2018, Rs 9.12 lakh was spent to deepen the pond.”

Speaking to The Hitavada, Junior Engineer of CSPDCL, Dondi, Rajendra Kumar Sahu said that 11 poles each of 11 kv, has been erected near the pond to supply electricity from Pendri to Bhelpara village. He also added that despite of the demand of the villagers, the company is not able to replace the pole because it does not have enough fund.