Collector reviews implementation of important schemes

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Jul 2018 11:10:24



She said that laxity in implementation of the government schemes would not be tolerated

 Staff Reporter

The Collector Chhavi Bhardwaj reviewed implementation of important schemes in a meeting conducted on Wednesday.
She said that laxity in implementation of the government schemes would not be tolerated. The action would be taken against the Panchayat Secretaries and other concerned employees if negligence is proved. She also warned about starting departmental probe and with holding the increments.The Panchayat Secretaries should start working at war footing in the areas where less than 90 percent work of projects approved in previous years, has been completed. The condition of the previous year approved houses should not be less than 90 % complete. In case of negligence stern action would be taken against the Panchayat Secretaries. The departmental probe would be started in case of contract based construction. Those who have not constructed the houses or misused the sanctioned amount would be summoned at the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jila Panchayat level and if required FIR would also be registered against them.

The Collector has also instructed to be aware about implementation of the Chief Minister Jankalyan (Sabla) scheme in villages under the Janpad Panchayat areas. She also sought information from the Panchayat Secretaries about, the benefits given to pregnant women. She instructed the officers to ensure that registration of any pregnant woman would remain pending. After getting information about registration under the Sabala Scheme, she termed the registration done so far, inadequate. She warned that the 40 percent verification work should be completed in Janpad Panchayat level by the coming week. She also stressed on the, exgratia, cremation assistance approval without delay.

She also sought information about assistance provided under the Ujjawala scheme from Panchayat Secretaries and also about gas connections. She said that in case of availability of caste certificate of any member of SC, ST person, certificate for other members of family are not necessary. If the cast certificate has not been made, verification based on approval by Panchayat, Tahseldar would be enough to get benefit of scheme. The instructions to all the agencies have been issued in this context. She said that Ujjawala Yojana should be conducted on mission mode for a month. The beneficiary's KYC and remaining formalities should also be completed. She also instructed that hundred percent families KYC should be submitted in agencies by July 20, 2018.

Earlier, CEO Jila Panchayat Harshika Singh also reviewed the Gram Panchayat wise Prime Minister Housing Scheme's progress. She also sought condition of execution of scheme in concerned Panchayat. She also objected over construction work through contractors in some cases. She also warned that Secretaries who are not completing the work timely would be summoned before Tahseldar and even after that if they don't start the work they will have to come to office of CEO. When some Panchayat Secretaries gave excuse of problems being faced in implementation of schemes, she said that no excuse would be considered and work should be done according to instructions. If the work is not completed within one month, ten Panchayat Secretaries of lower level would be terminated.