Developments take toll of 39 km notified forest area in state

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Jul 2018 11:51:19



State forest minister Mahesh Gagda, however, expressed satisfaction that 165-km plantation area has been developed in the state. 10.88 crore saplings were planted at the expense of around Rs 360 crore between 2015 and 2017

Staff Reporter

State Forest Minister Mahesh Gagda admitted to the fact that the state had witnessed a reduction of 39-km notified forest area between 2015 and 2017. The forest minister mentioned this in reply to question from MLA Amit Jogi iduring the Question House of Chhattisgarh Assembly on Wednesday. He raised this question in the House on behalf of MLA Renu Jogi who remained absent from the House. Amit Jogi said that 11 crore trees were sacrificed in the deforestation of 39-km area. Meanwhile, some members in the BJP tried to corner Amit Jogi for representing MLA Renue Jogi on the ground both members belong to different political groups. However, the Speaker made it clear that Amit Jogi has been authorized by Renu Jogi. Further, going down the memory lane, the Speaker said that even some BJP members had asked questions on behalf of the Congress in the past, so there is nothing indecent in it.

Meanwhile coming back to the question, minister Gagda replied that 165-km plantation areas have been developed in the state. When asked about the reason behind the notified forest area in the state by Jogi, the forest minister said the developments in the form of industrialisation, mining and irrigation projects have reduced the notified forest area. Amit Jogi further wanted to know whether industries, mining agencies are planting saplings under the compensatory forest policy. The forest minister said that the industries are doing their part. Amit Jogi also mentioned the CAG report which indicated misuse of fund in the plantation adding that High Court also took congnizance of the same. If state government taking any action in this direction, questioned the MLA. The Minister said that plantation is taking place at a fast pace in the state.

As per Forest Status Report 2015, notified forest area of
state was 59.772 squarekilometer and forest cover area was 55586 sqkm. Similarly, According to report published in 2017, notified forest area was 59772 sqkm and forest cover area was 55547 sqkm. During the period, 10 crore 88 lakh 54 thousand 327 saplings were planted at the expense of Rs 360 crore 10 lakh 51 thousand.