Enjoy the rainy season without the fear of falling ill

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Jul 2018 10:10:02



Our Correspondent


People always wait for rainy season as they want to get rid -of the heat. We all know the fact that rainy season is always associated with communicable diseases. Most of the diseases are spread through contaminated water. During rainy season, there will be floods and the water gets accumulated in cultivated areas. If your house is nearer to a river, definitely there are chances of water getting accumulated in the surroundings due to floods. As a result, the river water gets accumulated with dirt particles & poisonous substances which may be dangerous to human beings. Another point is that these substances may affect the growth of fish & other aquatic animals. We also know that floods easily occur, but it takes time to remove the water from cultivated areas. As a result there may be decay of vegetations & in turn it helps the growth of mosquitoes which are responsible for certain diseases. If we use the contaminated water for cooking food or drinking purposes we can easily get these diseases.

Rain waters are not safe for drinking. It should be filtered by different processes like reverse osmosis to remove the pathogens present in it before drinking. Most of the diseases are spread by mosquitoes, bacteria, virus etc.Another fact is that most of the diseases are included in the category of communicable diseases. If we take a little care we can prevent the diseases during rainy seasons. The following points are good to prevent certain diseases to a smaller extent during the rainy season.

1.You must avoid swimming in flood waters.
2.You must only use safe water for drinking as well as cooking purposes. That means water must be boiled well before using.
3.Children as well as adults must use umbrellas & raincoats to avoid exposure to rain.
4.You must avoid contact with people who are having any type of diseases.
5.Donot store water in open containers as they may be the breeding place for mosquitoes. If water is stored in open containers for a long time, then donot use it. It must be drained off.
6.You must also ensure that drains & sewage lines are not clogged.
7.For some diseases, vaccinations are available. Check with your doctor & make aure which are the vaccines not taken by you?
8.If you are eating food from outside, make sure to enter a reputed restaurant. If possible try to carry a bottle of boiled water with you when you are outside.
9.Before eating or touching any parts of your face, you must thoroughly wash your face with soap & water.
10.Rainwater may contain certain substances dissolved in it & so never try to use it for any drinking or cooking purposes without making sure that it is safe.

Many of us have fond memories of the rains from our growing up years - holidays from school, splashing about in muddy puddles, or maybe simply getting wet in a pouring shower. Like you, your little one will love the rains, the fresh new leaves on the trees, the smell of the damp wet ground, and perhaps a little scared of the thunder and lightning which accompany the rain many a time. But with all the joyous moments, the rainy season also brings with it humid weather, flooded roads, mosquitoes, diseases, and lots more. With a little care and forethought you can let your child enjoy this beautiful season and also keep him safe from illnesses.

Common illnesses during rainy season - Viral infections usually spread when the rains come. Common diseases associated with the rainy season also include diarrheal diseases, dengue, leptospirosis, and respiratory illnesses. Some simple precautions can go a long way in keeping your family healthy during the rainy season.