New plastic ban notification to benefit big cos: Bhartia

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Jul 2018 10:59:56



Business Bureau

The notification issued on June 30 and published on July 2 in continuation to earlier notification of March 23 and April 11 is nothing but a concession to big industrial houses to continue using plastic for packing their products. The traditional retail traders got no relief, said B C Bhartia, the National President of Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT). He was speaking at the traders’ meeting called by Team CAIT Nagpur at Gol Bazar, Gaddigodam on Wednesday.Bhartia said that primarily it was the duty of the local Government to collect wastages and arrange for its proper disposal. They were collecting taxes for the same. “Plastic wastage is not new. For decades plastic is in use. But the governments have failed for systematic proper collection and disposal of such waste. In the name of hazardous and environment safety, they are banning the use of plastic,” he said. Bhartia said: “In a progressive economy, new products which are cheap and user-friendly will always be preferred by the society. No one can restrict the use of these by making law. What is important is a systematic collection and disposal plan. The present notification hardly prevents use of plastic by big corporates. Now is the time to have policies which favours all and not only the big fews. Policies should be common and trader-friendly.”

In the meeting, traders were highly agitated. They said that by the notification dated June 30, the Government had further amended restriction put by notification taken out on March 23 and April 11 in favour of big companies selling packed food materials, cold drinks, alcoholic drinks liqour etc, and had not given expected relief to small traders. Traders alleged that it was a direct attempt to kill small traders of the State which would pave way to ‘Inspector Raj’ and corruption in market places. Traders alleged that it was being published in a big way that notification dated June 30 was giving relief to small traders but traders believed that this was far away from truth if the provisions were understood properly. Serial No 6 (a) prescribes that the plastic to be used in packing by retailers should be of more than 50 micron in thickness and minimum weight should be 2 grams. Further, the packing materials shall be printed with manufacturing details, type of plastic with code and buy-back price.

Traders say that all this conditions can be fulfilled only by big retailers with voluminous business. It is surprising that e-commerce companies have been allowed to sell in plastic packaging for futher three months. Multi-layer packaging products with any other material layer in it are also out of purview of plastic ban. Corrugated boxes with plastic wrapping are also exempt. Why all concession to big companies products, the traders objected.In the notification dated March 23, 2018, it is mentioned that use, sale, storage and manufacturing of PET or PETE bottles made up of high quality food grade material holding capacity of not less than 0.5 litres was allowed subject to compliance. It is surprising that the notification dated June 30, 2018 brings into its fold only drinking water. The notification PET/PETE bottles of drinking water, having liquid holding capacity of one litre or more, shall be printed on it.

The deposit and refund price of Re one or buyback price as decided by the manufacturer, drinking water PET/PETE bottles, having liquid holding capacity of less than one litre but more than 200 ml shall be printed on it, the deposit and refund price of Rs 2 buyback price as decided by the manufacturer. Use, sale, storage and manufacture of drinking water PET or PETE bottles having liquid holding capacity of less than 200 ml is banned in the State. All bottles of all other products like cold drinks, juices, alcoholic drinks, tetra pack are outside the purview of this notification. Present were Kishor Dharashivkar, Prabhakar Deshmukh, Nikhilesh Thakar, Anil Nagpal, Prakash Jais, Dhyaneshwar Rakshak, Lalchand Gupta, Ashok Jethani, Thakurdas Budhrani, Balkrishna Gadekar, Rajesh Jais, Krishna Gupta, Kalpesh Jethani and others.