Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Jul 2018 12:36:33









DESPITE repeated warnings and alerts by competent agencies and commuters, the Railways and Mumbai’s civic bodies refuse to come out of their sluggish mentality towards passenger safety. Their criminal non-chalance was exposed yet again with the fall of Gokhale Road overbridge in Andheri area following incessant rains. Loss of human life was averted unlike the Elphinstone Road stampede last year that caused many deaths but it is hardly a solace the authorities can seek. The bridge was red-flagged by an advisory committee last year but the railways’ audit found no structural flaws. Local civic body, too, had marked the bridge for overhaul by releasing funds. Both the agencies then kept waiting for each other to undertake the repair work. Multiple bodies for upkeep of civic structures is a bane for the system. On the one hand the Railways stresses on modernisation of infrastructure including FOBs and on the other the agencies keep sitting on its proposals. In this case both Western Railways and BMC must be held accountable for a dangerous lapse.


AMERICAN people must now be ruing their choice of Mr. Donald Trump as the President of their country. Because he is prepared to create an enemy every day and at the drop of the hat. After bullying China in a no-holds- barred trade war, and walking out of the multilateral nuclear deal with Iran, Mr. Trump is trying his muscle-flexing tactics with India over the issue of import of oil from Iran. In his latest salvo, while imposing a ban on import of oil from Iran, Mr. Trump has gone to the brazen extent of not allowing any waiver to India. Iran happens to be the third largest oil supplier to India after Saudi Arabia and Iraq. With a myopic design to choke Iran financially Mr. Trump is trying to bring the Iranian oil output to zero level, a desire that could only be called a whim of an arrogant dictator. By pursuing such policies Mr. Trump is doing much harm to his own country’s image as a liberal democracy and as a global leader. His protectionist policies too are doing much harm to the US. India of course will not be bogged down by such bullying by Mr. Donald Trump.