Dense bushes posing threat of snake bites in BSP Township

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Jul 2018 12:50:27



Staff Reporter 


The advent of rainy season is not only flooding water on the streets; but also inviting some dangerous reptiles including snakes and scorpions inside the residences in BSP Township. Dense bushes, shrubberies and filthy drain stream at the back lanes of residences are posing threat of snake bites. After the advent of rainy season, the residents from BSP Township are living under the threat of snake bite, and also are susceptible from other poisonous insects like scorpions, Crabs etc. In last one week, at least 11 people have succumbed to snake bites through-out the state and hundreds were undergoing treatment in various hospitals while the records maintained by some non-government organisation working for rescue from snake and other animals, reveals that in BSP Township and also at the peripheral areas of Bhilai, around 4 people succumbed to snake bites and among them 1 lost his life, while others are undergoing treatment. In India, every year around 45,000 people are dying with snake bite in which over 60 per-cent deaths occurred only in
rainy season.

According to government records, in the year 2016-17, over 4,000 cases of snake bites were registered from different places of Chhattisgarh, in which around 100 people lost their lives while above 25 cases of snake bites were registered from steel city in the same year monsoon. Overlooking these facts, neither the BMC authorities nor the BSP management initiated any necessary pre monsoon measure like cleaning of back lanes and cutting of overgrowth shrubberies at residential areas to curb on cases of snake bites. Manoj Sahu, a resident of Sector-6, Bhilai said that snakes and other dangerous reptiles are gathering at our back lanes because of overgrown bushes while some time they tend to come inside the houses but no one from BSP management bothers for cutting of these bushes. “Over the years, BSP management has not cleaned the back-yard areas of our residents and now it became slimy and messy where snakes are gathering and it also chokes drainage in every rainy season”, informed a resident of Street-5, Sector-4, P. Suresh.

M Suraj, President of Nova Nature Welfare Society (a non-governmental organisation working for rescue and relief of animals) informed that we are receiving an average of 10 to 12 calls in a day from scared residents about snakes in their localities, gardens, Houses and back lanes. He also informed that most of the calls we are receiving are from BSP Township areas, Sisra, Kohka, Maroda and other outskirt areas of the city. “The city health centers are having sufficient amount of anti-venom to deal with cases of snake bite but still some victims of snake bites are going to practitioners of witchcraft for treatment and that is the main reason behind their deaths”, said M Suraj.

However, the official from Public Health Engineering Department of BSP pointed that the tendering process for pruning work of trees and also for cutting of overgrown bushes were already completed and soon the work in the context would be undertaken.