Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Jul 2018 13:04:21









PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has rightly raised the issue of winning people’s trust, at an interaction with fresh recruits in Indian Administrative Services (IAS). He has insisted that it is incumbent upon the bureaucracy to work hard to win people’s trust in the Government. This issue has been raised time and again by successive national leaders, but very little has been achieved on this front. This is so because the training for such all-India services does not include in enough to measure the component of commitment to welfare of the masses. Most unfortunately, most recruits to the training academies carry an impression that they have to carry on in the western tradition which the British have left behind. Even though the old ICS became IAS in new India, the approach remained more or less the same. It is in this area that the Government needs to do some positive work so as to change the mindset of the future bureaucrats and make them more people-oriented. Unless this is achieved painstakingly, nothing concrete can be achieved on the trust front.


GOOD signs are available from the users of mobile phones in India. According to a study, more and more users of mobile phones crave for a longer duration for interaction with their families and friends. In the days of massive concessions from mobile companies and service providers, the common users of mobile phones seem to get disgusted with the invasion on their private time due to technology. This is a welcome sign from the technology front. The mobile phone users do not wish to discard their gadgets, but crave for more time to be spent with their people. This is in sharp contrast to what was available on the ground until recently. There were times, not so distant in past, when the people preferred to use their mobile phones even in the gathering of their own people, so much so that there would be fights in families -- particularly between the elders and youngsters. But a ‘Live Life’ survey by American Express shows that the Indian users of mobile gadgets are getting tired of the overuse of technology. They now want human connect.