Rly parcel booking goes digital

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Jul 2018 12:30:25



Jabalpur and Kota divisions to launch ‘Online Parcel Guide App’ by July end

By Ankita Garg

TO ENSURE transparency in booking and delivery of parcels, Kota and Jabalpur railway divisions under West Central Railway (WCR) will be releasing ‘Online Parcel Guide App’ by July end. Through this mobile application, passengers will be able to track exact location of parcel and other facilities. Bhopal railway has already launched the application on May 1, 2018, which is getting good response from customers. Mobile application has been prepared by Prassana Kumar, Assistant Commercial Manager (Bhopal). Customers will easily track location of parcel office, main booking supervisor, contact no, fare, trains in which parcel is loaded, current location and other several facilities.

The application is available on Google Play Store as ‘Online Parcel Guide’. “Through this application, passengers will easily track their luggage or parcel sitting at home and they will not need to visit the parcel office.“Mobile application has been made for passengers’ facility where almost all information has been uploaded,” said Divisional Commercial Manager (DCM), Bhopal, Vinod Tamori. He further informed that in this passengers will also get contact number of the parcel officers, address and fare. He said earlier passengers had to wait for parcel clerk to note details manually which consumed lot of time and made them irritated. Prassana Kumar, who has prepared this mobile app, said that application is connected with railway parcel management system and it will help to track the luggage or parcel. For this the customer needs to click on parcel tracking menu and mention the way bill and progressive reference record no. Soon after mentioning the details, passengers will easily get current location of parcel booked with the Railways. They will also get the exact location where the parcel has been loaded on train. He said this will make the process simpler and will also reduce delay in issuing receipts.