BJP wins no confidence motion moved by Cong

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Jul 2018 10:21:59


Staff Reporter,


The No Confidence Motion moved by the main opposition party Congress against the Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh and his Council of Ministers was defeated by a voice vote. Replying to the discussions, which continued for over 14 hours at a stretch, Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh said the Bharatiya Janata Party has passed the acid test thrice in his third tenure and he’s confident that Bharatiya Janata Party will return to power for the fourth consecutive time.

Dr Singh said “I’m stating this with complete responsibility in my last speech during this last session of the Fourth Chhattisgarh Assembly that BJP will be winning nothing less than 65 seats and will get elected to this House, which I consider as a Temple of Democracy.” He said “No political party can win elections in Chhattisgarh through ‘Tweet’ politics. People here cast their franchise in favour of those who work in the field. He said the birth of BJP has taken place from the womb of opposition politics while the Congress was born with the silver spoon. They can never get our culture.”

The discussions on No Confidence Motion which commenced on Friday at 12 Noon culminated with the Voice Vote at 2.08am on Saturday. During the No Confidence Motion, the opposition Congress had moved a 15 point charge-sheet leveling serious charges on the government. The charges revolved around Sex CD, issues pertaining to farmers, Left Wing Extremism, corruption, law and order etc.

Coming down heavily on the Congress, Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh said the No Confidence Motion proposal moved by the Congress is nothing but a failed attempt to bamboozle people. Terming the No Confidence Motion proposal as vague, baseless and unethical, the Chief Minister said the Congress has brought this No Confidence Motion two days ahead of culmination of the last Session of the Fourth Chhattisgarh Assembly, so that it can gather some headlines from the discussions held on the last day of the Session. These are the people who do politics by brandishing fake Sex CDs. In 2003-2004, this same party was indulged in horse-trading. People here never pardon such political outfits which are involved in below the belt politics.

The Chief Minister said he wants to state clearly that the Congress has openly misused the right bestowed upon the opposition by the Constitution. It is also necessary to oppose this No Confidence motion because according to the time and circumstances, this proposal is not against the rule, but is against the ethics. He said the opposition through their bogus allegations and hullabaloo had placed a ridiculous example of activeness. He said this Temple of Democracy is run by the hard-earned money of people and not by any particular person’s obsession.

The Chief Minister said Congress failed to play the role of constructive opposition. By elaborating the achievements of his government in last 15 years, the Chief Minister vehemently opposed the No Confidence Motion while stating that the in the 15 years the Congress virtually failed rake up any single issue, fact, proof or any subject which could have cornered the government.

The Chief Minister said that he can tell from his 40 years of socio-political experience that in Congress politics, there is no place for common people, villages, poor and farmers, Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, OBC, women, youths, etc. He termed the Congress politics as directionless, without any principle, programmes, policies and objectives. He said the Congress uses politics to come into power so that its self interests can be achieved. If one analyses the type of politics played by Congress from Delhi to Raipur, it can be clearly stated that Congress may do anything to come in power.

The Chief Minister said BJP is in power in 19 states, with almost ruling in 70 percent of the country while the Congress has shrunk to 6 percent area only. He said the Congress is hoping that the people by witnessing their fake activism will pardon them for their past mistakes, which is their misconception.

The charge-sheet submitted by the Congress this time clearly depicts that the Congress has accepted its defeat already. During the No Confidence Motion moved by the Congress in the previous session, there were 168 points, which has drastically shrunk to 15 points. Alike the Congress, its charge-sheet has also shrunk. This charge-sheet is a blatant example that the Congress has lost its faith in itself.

The Chief Minister while talking about the unholy alliance between regional political parties and Congress said, despite differences in ideology the Congress is seeking alliance with regional parties only with an intention to dethrone PM Narendra Modi. He said all these parties collectively depict ten heads of Ravana, for whom one Ram is enough. In Chhattisgarh also, the Congress being a national party is seeking alliance with parties like BSP and Gondwana Ganatantra Party.

Highlighting the various social and welfare schemes, the Chief Minister gave long detailed descriptions and achievements made. He said every scheme is aimed at uplifting the village, poor, farmers and people.