City’s Subhash Bhatia represents India in Intl Conference on Bamboo

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Jul 2018 10:40:31


Staff Reporter,

“Southern bank of river Narmada is the origin of bamboo in the world. India is second largest producer of bamboo in the world, but needy persons are yet to take benefits of its farming. It is a pride for the city, State and country that a progressive bamboo farmer of Jabalpur, Subhash Bhatia represented the country in International Conference on Bamboo in China. He was the only delegate, who gave presentation on bamboo production in India, which was highly applauded by several other countries. Here is an opportunity for the country and State to curtail bamboo import from China and Vietnam by encouraging bamboo plantation and improving financial status of farmers,” said Prahlad Patel, Member of Parliament, Damoh, while addressing a press conference, on Saturday.

MP, Prahlad Patel informed that Subhash Bhatia has raised the name of city and State on world map by giving an attractive presentation on bamboo production in India. Besides this, Bhatia also gave a presentation before Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and he was appointed a member of National Committee.

Addressing the press conference, Subhash Bhatia informed that he was part of the 8-member team, which attended the International Conference on Bamboo and got opportunity of giving his presentation as progressive bamboo farmer. His presentation was applauded by the gathering and representatives of around 26 African countries requested him to provide his expertise and counselling for bamboo farming promotion in their respective countries.

He started bamboo farming after a rigorous 10 years search and started farming of 22-23 bamboo species and soon, started plantation of 17 new species. Bhatia applauded the initiative of PM, Narendra Modi for separating bamboo from Indian Forest Act-1927 to stop provision of taking permission for its felling and transportation. It will give open hands to farmers for uninterrupted bamboo farming and increase bamboo production throughout the country. He informed that the country is importing 3 lakh and 8 lakh kilogram incense sticks from China and Vietnam respectively. Around 5-7 trucks are regularly supplying bamboo from North-East states to Madhya Pradesh.

Promotion of bamboo farming will not only save foreign currency, but also provide an opportunity to farmers to increase their income through bamboo farming. He expressed gratitude towards PM, Narendra Modi and CM, Shivraj Singh Chouhan for paying attention to bamboo farming promotion. It may be noted that Subhash Bhatia is member of Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) and JNKVV. He was member of Indian delegation during Brazil and Israel visit for study on agriculture technique. He was recently nominated as member of Bamboo Board of Madhya Pradesh. Bharat Patel, Regional Organisation Secretary of Bharatiya Kisan Sangh were present.