It is the mind that matters and makes things happen

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Jul 2018 11:38:01




B rainstorming was developed by Alex Osborne to enhance group creativity. It can be used alone or with another person. There are four basic rules when we do brainstorming. Quantity leads to quality. The more ideas we produce, higher the probability that one of them will be the winner. Imagine a pearl diver in his boat going into the ocean to dive for pearls.

The pearl diver gets to a place where he thinks that he will be able to find plenty of oysters. He dives deep and brings up one oyster and puts it in the boat. He then opens the shell to see if there is any pearl inside. He repeats the p r o c e s s until he finds a pearl. But this process is very slow and unproductive. If he brings bunches of oysters, he could open up many in less time and the chances are that he would be successful to find many pearls in less time.

In real life too dive in and bring up many ideas out of which you can select the worthy ones. When you get many ideas, some of them will be worth examining and there is every probability that you will find many pearls. Puzzles are mind-stretching exercises. When we try to solve a puzzle, we stretch our memory and try to find many words and when we can’t find them, we refer to a dictionary. In so doing we increase our vocabulary for future use.

Life is all a matter of search and discovery. For example, we remember a face better by drawing and they become unique and important. The knowledge that comes through images is unique and cannot come in any other way. Experts say that laughter is the best medicine to keep us physically and mentally healthy. Laughter promotes creativity, because you come across scenes and situations in an easier method. Humour also provides perspective and liberates us from narrow thinking.

Allen Klein in his book Healing Power says: “It is not the actual event that causes us pain but how we interpret it. Humour frees us from constraints and rational thoughts. Studies have limited humour and creativity and the same improves our thinking power. Jokes stay on our memory for more duration than ordinary conversation! Mature persons have a sense of ego identify, a sense of who they are, when compared to others. Creative persons accept themselves as they are and never make any comparisons to detect any deficiency or superiority! They are harmonious with external forces but independent in judging and shaping their own lives!

Mature persons have a deep spiritual sense in terms of their relationship with nature and recognise the wonder of life and living! During the process, they understood how an ordinary life could be made meaningful and sensational. After that others come and consult them. We are not born perfect nor will we ever be perfect. We are all born with the ability to go beyond where we are. We are able to stretch to reach far beyond what we can curr e n t l y achieve. It does not matter how successful or how poor we are. We run our lives by either originality or copying a model. Great people were always doing s o m e t h i n g  s e n s a t i o n a l  and achieving new heights and new levels of e x c e l l e n c e . While reaching there, they took others with them which made them the leader of the group. A leader need not be in the front but one amongst the many! People that do things in big ways are like elephants.

They have a high presence. People know that they are around. They can hear them from faraway places. Life is beautiful, amazing splendid or it may be hard and tedious. It all depends on what you make of it! Many people think that success and achievement are not personal. Winning comes in many forms, shapes, sizes, colours, and flavours. But winning is something special.

My teacher used to say: “Change your attitude and you will change your thinking. Winning is not just about getting over the finish line but how you get there.” What was the source of Mahatma Gandhi’s power? He simply mobilised the mind power of more than a three hundred million people who fixed their minds on peaceful agitation and winning freedom. The important thing with the Mahatma was mind power. He freed all his desires for revenge, hatred and desire for personal aggrandisement. He sought no name or honour for himself nor did he seek a name, fame or riches! All he thought all the time was mobilising mind power of millions which naturally can become a great force difficult to resist. No one can control the actions of others but it may be possible to mobilise them and give it a force and duration. That is all the great Mahatma did.