‘Namasmaran’ makes person divine: Kene Kaka

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Jul 2018 10:54:14


By Rajendra Diwe,

‘Namasmaran’ is like a broom to wipe away the garbage of
six evils (Shadripu). A process of continuous recitation of
name of The Almighty not only purifies the inner self but also helps an individual to become divine, said Pramod Kene, a devotee of Dattatreya and President of Jai Girnari Datt Mandal from Mumbai.

Pramod Kene fondly known as Kene Kaka is in city to deliver discourses on Girnar Yatra on Sunday.
‘Kene Kaka’ is different from all Saints, Maharajs or spiritual leaders. He wears pant shirt, clean shaved and resembles like an executive. Talking to The Hitavada at the residence of Surendra and Dr Seema Sathe in Ram Nagar on Sunday, Kaka said, “I am not a Maharaj. I am a devotee of Datta Prabhu. Dattatreya is ‘Smartugami’ you just remember Him. He is there. He is an ever living incarnation.”

Kene Kaka is a science graduate. Completed his research in chemical technology in University Department of Chemical Technology (UDCT) in Mumbai. Later, he served as a Technical Director for a chemical company. He also started his own chemical company by the name Shivam Polymers and Chemicals. One fine morning, he had Sakshatkar of Dattatreya, he left everything and surrendered to Dattatreya.

He said, “Being a science graduate and having analytical mind, I never promote any superstition. I am following the pure principles of Adhyatma. I also guide people to follow these principles to get peace and happiness in life.”
Girnar, a group of mountains in Junagadh district of Gujarat state has been considered as oldest than Himayalya. As the entire mountain range is sacred, it has become an important pilgrimage for both Hindus and Jains. It is mentioned in ancient scriptures that Lord Dattatreya stays in Girnar since ancient ages. One has to conduct 10,000 steps journey to reach to the peak of Girnar. Pramod Kene has made a mission of his life to take journey of Girnar on each Pournima (full moon). He reached at the peak of Girnar for 194 times and created a record. During his journey he had lot of experiences of Dattatreya. He compiled these experiences in two volumes of a book ‘Divyatwachi Jethe Prachiti’. He is also delivering discourses on the experiences of Girnar Yatra and till date completed more than 700 discourses across the country.

Kena Kaka stated, “Dattatreya is a great spiritual master since ancient times. Any person having pure heart, without any ego and with an attitude to surrender to Dattatreya could see Him in many forms even today. Dattatreya has assured mankind to give up ‘I’ and ‘mine’ to see Him. Living a selfless life require giving up one’s ego. That is what God Dattatreya describes as true sacrifice. In the present Kali Yuga, it is only through pure, divine love, that one can go beyond just being poised and actually attain that type of calmness and serenity.”