UGC asks universities to implement EAT module

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Jul 2018 12:16:40


Staff Reporter,

UNIVERSITY Grants Commission (UGC) wrote to universities and colleges for informing interchangeably of Political Science and Public Administration subjects. UGC has informed all higher educational institutes that on the issue, whether subjects of Political Science and Public Administration, can be considered inter-changeably for the purpose of appointment of Assistant Professor, it has been decided that both the subjects are inter-dependent yet discerningly distinct in nature and hence candidates with masters degree/NET either political science or public administration may be considered for faculty position in political science as well as public administration depending upon requirement of expertise in the higher education institution concerned which may be decided by the institute concerned.

The Commission has also written to the university for EAT module in their campus and affiliated institutions receiving grants under various schemes from the Commission. The Commission said, this letter has been written to universities and colleges on recommendation of Ministry of HRD, Secretary, Ministry of Finance, and Department of Expenditure on the issue. In compliance of this, UGC has to implement all the three modules of the Expenditure, Advance and Transfer (EAT) module of PFMS for its schemes.

EAT module shall ensure complete tracking of funds up to the last mile and also ensure just-in time release of funds. It has therefore been decided that all registered agencies to whom payments are being released by UGC under its various schemes to mandatorily use all the three modules of EAT module with immediate effect, failing which no further funds will be released to the grantee institutions or universities.

UGC said all universities and affiliated colleges are asked to ensure immediate implementation of the expenditure filing component of EAT module of Public Financial Manage-ment System (PFMS). Further grants will be released on the balance available with grantee institutions in PFMS as per the EAT module data for the respective agencies which include expenditure up to the end user.

The implementation/adoption of EAT module is mandatory for the universities or institutions who are receiving grants from the UGC. Recently, a hands-on training on EAT module was also organised which was attended by UGC officials in the authorised implementing agency of National Academic Depository (NAD), a central sector scheme.