Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Aug 2018 12:46:17











THE snail’s pace progress, or it would be more appropriate to say regress, of the highly ambitious Dedicated Freight Corridor project of the Railways, is testimony to the culture that has built into Indian economic development. Planned in the year 2006, the first trial run is slated to be undertaken after 12 long years on August 15. That is how we treat our grand ambitions. That is precisely why India has lagged behind China despite the two countries almost simultaneously embarking on economic reforms. While China has moved far ahead, India’s progress is crawling at an abysmally slow speed, if that be called speed at all. The Dedicated Freight Corridor was supposed to achieve many goals, including sprucing up the Railways’ fragile revenues apart from speeding up freight movement, meeting challenge from road transport in goods movement, saving on use of fossil fuels, decongesting road traffic, freeing railway tracks for passenger traffic, so on and so forth. That is the dream that is being nurtured for the last 12 years. The wait seems to be eternal.




THE second straight silver medal at the World Championships for PV Sindhu has stoked a debate on the Indian star’s mental block in big-ticket clashes. Sindhu was beaten by Spain’s Carolina Marin in straight games for an encore of Rio Olympics final. Though the young Indian has got a vote of confidence from badminton great Prakash Padukone, the fact remains that Sindhu needs to ramp up her concentration levels against street-smart opponents like Marin. The Spaniard resorted to gamesmanship when Sindhu was gaining an upper hand and then just left her flummoxed with an altogether different strategy. Former Australian cricket captain Steve Waugh used to term such tactics as ‘Mental Games’ and he usually succeeded in cowering down his opposition. That it bordered on sledging must be looked into by the authorities but it also laid bare the lack of Plan ‘B’ by Sindhu to deal with such situations. The best and easy way is to adopt the way Sourav Ganguly took to halt the Aussie run while beating them at their own game.