Bhopal to have first RCTID center of India

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Aug 2018 10:41:14



By Jagrati Khanna

India’s first ‘Resource Center of Tropical and Infectious Disease’ (RCTID) has been initially opened at Bhopal based AIIMS hospital. RCTID will be basically focusing on operational research to know root cause of tropical and infectious diseases. Talking to ‘The Hitavada’, AIIMS Director Dr Sarman Singh said that infectious and several non-infectious diseases are major public health concerns in tropical countries like India.

Normally, no special attention is paid on these diseases which make large number of people suffer for long time in country. Sizable number of people die after suffering from vector borne diseases, respiratory tract illness, helminthes, poisoning, animal bites and other tropical diseases. He added that RCTID is being established to control any outbreak of life threatening tropical diseases.
Along with operational researches in the field of tropical and infectious diseases, this center will serve patients in better manner. RCDIT will become a greatest weapon to fight against tropical diseases.

Dr Sagar Khadanga, Member Secretary of RCTID Committee, said RCTID is a very big step to find best possible treatment of tropical infectious and non-infectious diseases like malaria, dengue, TB and HIV etc. RCTID will basically work on three points. First is to serve prevention of tropical diseases and prevent communities in large scale, second is to find out basic cause of the disease and epidemiology and third is to train medical health experts to cure these tropical diseases.

He added RCTID is his dream project and it is first RCTID of India. Though UK has plenty of tropical disease training centers and they send their experts to India. He said RCTID at AIIMS Bhopal is result of endeavour’s of last three years. In this resource center medical experts would be able find the cause and cure of breakdown, and epidemics. He told that RCTID in collaboration with pulmonary department of AIIMS Bhopal has already started running OPD for chronic infection diseases on every Friday.

Also RCTID committee has linked the department with the official website of AIIMS Bhopal. Now patients and doctors can ask their queries and that would be frequently answered by RCTID experts. Also, Director is planning to make scientific approved RCTID related data available in lay man’s language on the website.

Talking about further developments in RCTID Dr Kahadanga told that AIIMS Bhopal is going to develop a call center for RCTID department by the end of 2018. This call center will form a bridge amid health experts and patients suffering from tropical diseases.
By taking the help of this call centre, patients will be able to contact health experts directly. They can also inform about outburst of any tropical disease and can also pass on information about any epidemic.