Maoists hatch sinister plan to free Saibaba

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Aug 2018 12:54:56

Prof G N Saibaba

Staff Reporter,

Letter by ‘Com Surendra’ seized in the aftermath of Bhima-Koregaon episode, reveals plan of Maoists to get Saibaba ‘shifted’ to Hyderabad and ‘influence judicial process’ to bail him out

Despite recent setbacks, Maoists are determined to free Prof G N Saibaba, considered as one the biggest catches by investigating agencies who was convicted for life, from the custody of Maharashtra Police. Saibaba was convicted after a Gadchiroli court held him guilty of waging war against the State, indulging in terror activities, hatching conspiracy to overpower institutions and Government, and for unleashing a reign of terror.

The plans to free Saibaba have been revealed in three top secret letters of Maoists placed before the High Court. One of these letters from ‘Comrade Surendra’ to ‘Comrade Prakash’ reveals the details of ‘Operation Free Saibaba’ and audacity of Maoists to “influence the judicial process in neighbouring Telangana to bail him out,” by harping on his physical ailments.

“Saibaba has been asked to make an application to transfer him to Hyderabad where Varavara Rao has talked to some top brass in judiciary and political system to ensure that this process is effectively completed and he is bailed out,” the letter claimed.

Expressing concern over ‘deteriorating physical and mental health of Com Sai (Baba)’, the letter further vowed to free him by taking some concrete steps since his presence behind the bars ‘would be a great setback to the movement.’ The communication also reveals the plan to free ‘Comrade Prashant (Rahi)’ cooling his heels at Amravati and ‘Comrade Hem (Mishra)’ who is lodged at Kolhapur jail, on urgent basis.

Interestingly, this letter along with two more communications exposing sinister designs of Maoist terrorists were seized by investigating agencies in the aftermath of Bhima-Koregaon violence, in which Urban Naxalites and their frontal organisations had played a major role in fomenting violence and exploiting social faultlines.

The letter placed on record of the High Court during the hearing of bail application by Saibaba reveals that this ‘Comrade Surendra’ was in regular touch with ‘Com Sai (Baba)’ and one ‘Comrade Soma’ and acted as a conduit to transfer instructions of think-tank of Naxal movement to them. The letter further reveals that said ‘Com Soma’ destroyed all ‘APT’ files and cleansed the hard-disk of computers, thereby destroying all sensitive information as per instructions and “handed over some important documents to me (Com Surendra) in person.”

The letters were placed on affidavit by special counsel P K Sathianathan before a division bench consisting of Justice P N Deshmukh and Justice M G Giratkar during the hearing of bail plea moved by Saibaba on health grounds and another application by his wife Vasantha seeking his release on health grounds. The High Court permitted his wife to meet him, if he was admitted in hospital and noted that as per prison rules, she was entitled to meet him in jail on periodic basis. The motivated campaign has so far failed to impress the High Court here.

It may be recalled that Prof G N Saibaba and four of his associates were convicted to life for sedition and for being members of the banned anti-national organisation Communist Party of India (Maoist) and for waging war against India with an oblique motive to overpower democratically elected Government. The trial court had held Saibaba, Mahesh Tirki, Pandu Narote, Hem Mishra, Prashant Rahi guilty for offence punishable under Section 18, 13, 38 and 39 of Unlawful Activities Prevention Act read with Section 120B of IPC and sentenced them for life while observing that Naxal movement posed the greatest internal security threat to India.

Due to terrorist activities by accused persons (like Saibaba and others) which are on till today, “Several innocent persons were killed by Naxals on the suspicion of being police informers and several police officers have been killed by Naxals and huge public property has been either destroyed, damaged or burnt,” the Court had observed while coming down heavily on red terror, its brutal foot-soldiers and their ruthless ideologues like Saibaba.

From time-to-time, the Urban Naxals and their supporters have been raising the point of physical handicap of Saibaba to either secure his release on bail or to get his case shifted to place other than Nagpur. However, during his trial, the cops had submitted a forensically certified evidence before the court. In the said piece of evidence, which was a document seized from Saibaba’s custody at the time of his arrest, Saibaba had asked the Maoist leadership to allow him to do ‘underground work’ and had even alleged ‘discrimination’ against him due to his handicap. Obviously, the motivated propaganda had failed to cut ice with judiciary here, which held Saibaba and his ideological co-travellers as responsible for spate of violence in tribal belt and bringing all developmental activities to halt.

After conviction of Saibaba and others, Maoists had unleashed a wave of violence across Central India and stepped up attack against security forces while owning up Saibaba as their ideologue. As expected, the Urban Naxalites also had indulged in motivated propaganda questioning the conviction of Saibaba.