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Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Aug 2018 10:53:11


&TV has launched a new fiction show, Laal Ishq, a series of passionate love stories with a supernatural twist. Laal Ishq has provided viewers with it eerie presentations of love stories, and next in line to spook the audience is actor Ravish Desai. 

Laal Ishq is a new concept bringing together two most loved genres. What are your thoughts on it?
The concept of Laal Ishq seems to be quite interesting. It’s been shot very realistically, unlike the typical daily soaps that have made a clutter on TV. The show is a blend of different concepts put in well together.

Can you briefly tell us about the character youre playing?
I am playing this young boy, Amar, who is flamboyant, charming and a go getter. Just like most of us he too has dreams and ambitions in life, but is not someone who would compromise on his belief. He wants to achieve everything in life righteously. An unfortunate incident gets him into trouble and how life unfolds after that is the story.
Do you believe in supernatural elements?

Well, I believe when there is good, there is bad and when there is God there is Evil. Oh yes,I have had an extremely eerie experience. This was on one of my previous shows, and it was terrifying. I was resting in my green room and was asleep, the lights were on while my eyes were not completely shut, you know how it is when youre consciously sleeping but subconsciously are aware of things around. Suddenly I felt a figure right in front of me, something was moving and watching me, I could feel it . Initially it did not scare me but as it got closer I could feel the fear inside . I tried to speak, confront but I was choking, I couldn’t speak. Finally after wrestling around I shouted and woke up all of a sudden. Everyone on set had come up to my room, I was sweating and this definitely was no dream there was definitely someone around. You can never know the feeling if you have not experienced it.For more scary stories, tune into Laal Ishq , Saturday and Sunday at 10 pm on & TV. n