Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Aug 2018 10:57:41




PRIME Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi will be addressing an important conference on promotion of bio-fuels in Delhi that is aimed at giving a push to production and use of bio-fuels. This has become imperative for the country for various reasons, including saving the environment from the deadly effects of pollution.

As the country marches on its mission to gain economic muscle and take its appointed place on global platform as an economic power, proportionately its energy needs will also grow. At present the country meets 70 pc of its crude oil needs through imports. That puts a huge drain on the nation’s foreign exchange earnings, contributing much to the widening of Current Account Deficit (CAD).

Since India is one of the major producers of sugar and sugarcane, it is faced with the problem of surplus sugar production. This source can be profitably used for producing bio-fuel. Some other agricultural products can also be put to use. Clean environment is a commitment and a necessity for future generations.



AT LAST the Union Health Ministry has taken note of the camouflage that various companies, notably liquor and tobacco products manufacturers, are using to promote their products. They are blatantly using surrogate advertisements on TV and print media which may look innocuous but are unmistakenly targeted for promoting the sale of their real products whose advertising is legally banned. But for a long time these companies have been hoodwinking the Government and using surrogate advertisements to circumvent legal bar on promoting these products. It has no longer remained a secret.

What is even more irksome is that celebrities of the tinsel world lend their weight and image to promote products that are banned from advertising in public interest. The Government has taken a long time to take cognisance of the trickery that the companies are playing. The Union Health Ministry has written to the Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Ministry to find ways to clamp down on them. The I&B Ministry must act with urgency.