Career traps

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Aug 2018 11:02:30

Q. I am a student of Class 12 preparing for IITJEE. I need solutions for  problems I am facing namely, 1. Laziness 2. De-motivated by parents (I have the same situation as Q2 in your last week’s column). 3. Time Management. Almost 60 topics, 6 months and a lot of backlog pressure. 4. Instability of mind and lastly 5. Ego control. All these issues are troubling me. Also is BTech from IIT the only way of succeeding in life for me? I want to become a teacher, but circumstances forced me to pick Engineering. I need your advise please.

Ans. You say that your main problem is that you are de-motivated and depressed due to your parent’s expectations and feel lazy and cannot manage your backlog due to paucity of time or bad time planning. About your statement about ‘IIT being the only way for succeeding for you’ is not your statement but that of your parents, I presume? For most parents in Nagpur feel that IIT engineering and medicine is the only two options for success in life for their children. This has become a fad and a trend and an unfortunate reality in this city due to the mushrooming of coaching centres aimed at these two professions only. They have influenced the minds of parents like nobody’s business and messed up the reality of life and living. The fact is that a degree is only a stepping stone to your vocation and calling in life.

You must first know what interests you and what you can do with success and then decide the degree. We are catching the bull by its tail rather than its horns. This is an illogical logic that has crept into the minds of parents and taken roots. It is sheer nonsense. The number of students reporting with depression is caused by wrong choices of career (mostly being forced into engineering and medicine), leading to failure, loss of money, loss of years and loss of prestige and self esteem. If you like teaching, please go ahead and choose it as a great career. However you will need to choose a subject of preference for teaching in which you will specialise and attain degrees.You will also have to appear for the NET/SET examinations which are necessary for applying for teaching jobs in colleges. If you are want to teach in a school, then, the qualifying examination is BED. I hope you know the subject of choice and how you are going to proceed with your dreams. It is good to know what you like and what you want to do and it is equally important to have all the information about fulfilling your dreams. A session on career counselling will help you clear your doubts to take an informed decision. Get out of your inertia and get going with your dreams. It is your life and you have a right to lead it well with the choices you want to make. About your query on ‘ego’ it was unclear to me what you are searching for. Please make it more clear next time or when you come with an appointment with me. I wish you all the best.

Q. Please tell me at what age I should bring my child for an aptitude test. My son is in Std 6 and is doing very well in studies. We are very caring parents and love him a lot. We want to plan his career early so that he can be focused and do well in life. Please advice.

Ans. The best age to do an aptitude test is after completion of 8 Std. The theory is that an aptitude crystallises at age 13 and then the test can be applied. I agree with you that the sooner you get a child focused on his aptitude and his goals the better it is for the child. He becomes more aware of his strengths and weaknesses and also sets his goals by short-listing his priorities and sets about pursuing them. It truly helps children feel happy and clear about themselves and their future as the uncertainty goes away and leads to better confidence. Please wait for two more years and I would be happy to assess him.













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